The power of medicinal plants

stefan rodriguez bzSgdupS95U unsplash 300200 lowresMedicinal plants have been used since the origin of man to treat any type of disease. They contain active principles that are responsible for their healing power. Each plant has more than one property, which serves to treat several mismatches at the same time.

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Vegetarianism – Veganism

“An invitation to look over the fence”

Vegetarianism is a more natural life style. People eat food only of plant origin, and thus health benefits arise on all levels. Vegan people not only do not consume food of animal origin, but also do not use any by-product of animal origin like cloths, honey, fish products. They do not tolerate animal abuse, neither any kind of exploitation and they respect the environment. There are many sub groups in both identities, but for the purpose of this short article, we will stick to the two main groups.
In this article we will briefly highlight the health and wellbeing consequences of either choice. For more info, please consult your Naturopath or Therapist and specialised shops and literature.

Gofio – an old but healthy food component.

The roasted grain – Gofio – has its origin thousands of years ago. By roasting the grain before milling, one can destroy mould and mould toxins, allowing poorly stored grain still to be used. The flavour will improve because more complex sugars are being formed through the roasting process. Furthermore the higher roasting temperatures will partly break down starch and protein compounds and thus make it more digestible.

The Acid – Base balance in our body.

Our blood has a certain acid/base balanced level and this level in the plasma is expressed as a pH value. The normal range is 7,35 – 7,45. This difference in value might look small and thus unimportant, but our body is very sensitive to deviations of pH. Outside this narrow range of pH, proteins will denature, digested and enzymes will lose their function. Extreme deviations will even cause death.

Raw Food & Super-Foods.

What is Raw Food?
Raw Food plays an important role for a vegan-based diet that is using uncooked foodstuff which still contains all its original nutrients and enzymes. Regular intake of raw food is compulsory to create and maintain health and should be part of our daily diet. Raw Food also represents an attitude to life, which is respectful to animals and nature in general.
What 's the catch?
You will improve your energy and vitality level, balance out your weight, increase your mental strength and awareness, avoid illnesses in a more natural way, rejuvenate as it is a natural anti-aging component, improve the appearance of your skin and hair and you will improve your overall well being.

Fuerteventura: Honey.

Honey, the treasure of bees.

Do you know the benefits of bee honey? It supplies energy, soothes throat irritation, it quiets the cough and reduces fever. It will help to overcome infections thanks to its antiseptic properties and it will help you to cure gastric ulcers. It increases the intestinal flora and thus improves a healthy digestion and the immune system. It cures wounds and burns, speeds up the healing of the skin and it is an optimal conservation product.

Healthy Year

And here are some suggestions to get to it: after any party, celebration or heavy dinner: if you were a bit too enthusiastic with food, alcohol or sweets, then it is a good thing to alkalinise your blood and to cleanse your liver, intestines and the kidneys, organs that have the task to eliminate the toxins in your body.

Natural Products.

Good Health with natural Products.

In order to get or keep a good health in every aspect and to regenerate from the excesses of partying, one has to cleanse the body in a gentle and harmonic manner. Your body will be grateful.

We can use some fat burners to eliminate, or at least to reduce, the effects of rich food. If you exercise, then we recommend L. Carnitina due to its synergistic effect. If you don't, the African Mango will give excellent results, especially against belly fat. It is also satiating, will help to manage sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It will have a leverage effect together with green tea. Other effective fat burners are Chitosan that is highly recommended when eating out because it will capture the fats of the food, red tea, CLA, etc.


Evolution, Health and Synthetic Chemistry.

It took nature 4 billion years to come to an almost well-balanced equilibrium between all living organisms and their environment. More, all living organisms have been developed and thrive by the influence their environment is putting upon them. All living creatures – and in fact also non-living matter like minerals, etc – always have been and still will be influenced by chemicals from the environment. This interaction is the most fundamental and inevitable element in daily life and in the evolution of all – living creatures and non-living matter. Except cataclysmic events, all creatures – present and past – are the result of this slow-moving interaction that started some 4 billion years ago: Evolution by slow but steady interaction.
Only in the last 3 generations of human presence we succeeded to develop and proliferate tens of thousands of new chemicals into our environment that unavoidably will be absorbed by all living organisms, humans included.

Modern Industrial Food.

How to prevent its negative effects.
Bad and imbalanced nutrition behaviour with a high content in saturated fats, refined and industrially prepared products with lots of additives like preservatives, stabilizers and dyestuffs, can lead to long-term health problems. Equally stress, lack of movement, a high consumption of alcohol, tobacco, sugar, coffee, medicines, lack of quality sleep, radiation, etc will lead to premature ageing due to the generation of free radicals in our body.
What can we do about this?

Micro-immune therapy (MIT)

Micro-immune therapy (MIT) - a bridge between complementary and conventional medicine of the 21st century.

The MIT uses highly diluted immune specific substances - which are common to our own body - like Cytokines and specific nucleic acids, etc to communicate specific information to our immune system. In this way a defective immune system will be allowed to react efficiently and in a natural way upon a deficiency.
MIT not only is an innovative, side-effect-free therapy concept for partly complex diseases, but also provides a new perspective into the knowledge about patho-psychologic links between certain kinds of diseases. The well-defined interpretation of specified lab parameters according to the latest findings in immunology helps the diagnosis and the healing control.
The MIT will target investigations about the actual immune status (population of lymphocytes, serum profile), fix the direction of the medical treatment and control its progress for many chronic diseases like infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites; neuro-degenerative and hyper-proliferative diseases (tumors); as well as auto-immune diseases like rheumatics, LE (Lupus Erythematodes), CU (Colitis ulcerosa), MC (Morbus Crohn), Psorias, and on allergenic and a-topic diseases (Neuro-dermatitis, a-topic eczema, Bronchial asthma.

Ecologic cosmetics

Ecologic cosmetics are different from the conventional ones because of the use of ecologic raw materials which means that they have not been treated with pesticides, colorants, perfumes, synthetic chemicals that are derived from petroleum and products from dead vertebrates. Ecologic cosmetics have not been tested on animals and the active components are plant extracts, pure essential and vegetable oils. The use of genetically manipulated organisms is forbidden. All finished products are manufactured according to ecological criteria, are submitted to a severe quality control and receive a quality label.

Green Coffee with Ling Zhi.

A healthy and enjoyable way of reshaping your body.

Chlorogenic acid is reported to significantly help to regulate the body metabolism. Conventional coffee usually contains 3-6% of it, whereas Green Coffee does have 39%. Additionally to this the coffee contains the LingZhi mushroom which contains a lot of specific polysaccharides and ganoderic acids. In China and Japan this mushroom is called "immortality" and is traditionally used for the preservation of youthful vitality.

Ecologic Food - Why use it?

Pachamama_010_-_cutThe products that are grown from conventional agriculture suffer modifications in their organic composition due to a multitude of synthetic chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, growth promoters, etc. All those synthetic chemicals are not harmless, even in low amounts, neither their effects on short or long term and neither the combinations of individual chemicals or their metabolites in our body. According to many specialists a majority of degenerative illnesses are due to inappropriate food intake. Ecologic Agriculture can help to minimise those risks and it has been scientifically confirmed that eating ecologic products will increase our health.

Cleansing your body for a better health.

Cleansing your body always is a good initiative, especially during spring. Keeping your digestive system in good condition will improve your wellbeing. Leftovers that accumulate in your digestive tract will favour growth of unwanted types of bacteria that can lead to discomfort and even to diseases like inflammation of liver, constipation, tiredness, overweight, cholesterol, hypertension, headaches, etc... including cancer! The dieting process starts at the colon!

Relaxing Advice

Are you nervous and can't you get to sleep?
Possible causes for insomnia are stress, daily preoccupations, anxiety, depression, going to bed at different times or very late. Exposure to electromagnetic fields, nearby radiations from mobiles, computers, TV and being frequently connected to them.

What is "TAI CHI CHUAN"?

taoBefore going into details about Tai Chi Chuan I would like to highlight that all my knowledge about it is the result of experiences with my master. In 20 years of practice and 10 as a teacher, I still follow classes. I belong to a school of a Chinese master who is a direct descendant of one of the founders of this art