Hiking in Fuerteventura - individual or in a guided group - will allow you to discover the beauty of Fuerteventura. When making part of a guided group you also will have the opportunity to receive a lot more info about the history, nature and culture of the island. Find here where to book for a guided tour.

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Walking in Elysic climes - Fuerteventura.

S26_-_Fuertescout_004The main complaint about Fuerteventura, expressed by tourists at the front desk of the hotel is: " When will the wind finally lay down?" or "Does it always blow that much here?" Many groan about the wind, not knowing that it would be unbearably hot here in the summer without those tradewinds.

Already in the ancient Greek times they called these islands "the fortunate islands, gently stroked by the eternal wind" or "those Elysic climes", and also Beethoven's "Elysium" comes from the "Alisios", the tradewinds.

Hiking beyond beaten tracks - Fuerteventura.

Wolken_am_Cardon_002Madeira and La Palma are hiking destinations - Fuerteventura is sunbathing and swimming. Because many tourists think that there is nothing else on this "heap of rubble". Very recently the Hiking tourism has discovered Fuerteventura: The approximately 1.700 km2 of "rubble" include 13 Natural protected areas with a total surface of 48.000 hectares! And unlike other islands, most of these areas here are interconnected and allow hiking without the usual road signs.

HIKING: Sacred Mountain TINDAYA - Fuerteventura.

Tindaya-1The magnificent pyramid-shaped mountain Tindaya is truly inviting, but first we have to get permission from the local authorities to climb it. The guide will collect us at the base from the "Mountain of Witches" as it is called in the local folklore. On our ascent we will pass immense stone plates, coloured in all shades of pastel and with marmor-like designs that are admired by photographers.


Walking to the Caldera Gairia

Escanear10002We start from Tiscamanita with a visit to the mill museum where they used to grow many sorts of grain in the past. We then head to the East. We enter the volcano through the solidified lava river from the protected volcano Jaina (463m). The Tabaibas grow along the path to the beautiful view over the red soil of the “Womens Lagune”, the Malpais Chico and the Malpais Grande with the 2 Picon volcanoes.


The Volcano “Montaña Arena” – Villaverde/La Oliva

3The volcano “Montaña Arena” is shared between Villaverde and La Oliva. It is the last volcano that erupted, some 4,000 years ago. Thank God, it is protected as “Natural Area”.
The walk starts at the Villa Volcana via an old farm road, along fields that are surrounded by dry-stone walls and allows us to enjoy beautiful views over the northern volcano chain, the pirate island of Lobos, Lanzarote, and the dunes of Corralejo.

HIKING: Montaña Escanfraga – Villaverde – La Oliva - Fuerteventura.

Escanfraga---Blick_auf_den_Tindaya1Walk on the ancient Camel road to the heights of Montaña Escanfraga, 529m altitude.

If you fancy a medium-heavy walk to the old grain cultivation areas on the crater Montaña Escanfraga in Villaverde, then this might be the right choice. You will be collected at your hotel or apartment complex and will be driven to Villaverde.

HIKING: Around Betancuria - Fuerteventura.

DSCF3236Two lovely trips on the ancient Caminos Reales, the royal roads.

Betancuria is in the very centre of Fuerteventura. Both tracks, one shorter than the other, will show you the green centre of the island. You will discover the first capital and the oldest mountains of the Canary Islands and will enjoy miraculous views of the island. You will hear the wind sweep through the trees of the local forest and the neat BBQ place there will invite us to enjoy the prepared picnic. After having tasted the local specialities, the shortest version of the track will lead you back to Betancuria whereas the longer one will bring you via the palm tree valley to Vega de Rio Palma. The vegetation around the artificial lake is abundant. Your guide will explain to you about history, geology, culture, etc. The way back to Betancuria is through a dried river bed. Here you have time to visit the historic place and to enjoy a wine or a beer. Both tracks will offer nice views for pictures.

HIKING: Walking trip Morro Jable – Cofete - Fuerteventura.

13-CAMINATACENTRALThe trip goes along the old herds track from Morro Jable to Cofete, at the wild West coast.

We start at the cactus field at “Gran Valle”, a few miles down the dirt track from Morro to Punta de Jandía. The journey begins with a light slope on the recently restored track (sand&stone). This was once the only connection to the west coast and to Cofete. At the top (350m high) you can enjoy the marvellous views to the entire coast from Punta de Jandía till La Pared which is regarded as the most unspoilt coast of Fuerteventura. The descent via serpentine tracks will bring you to Cofete whilst you will have the highest mountains of Fuerteventura in your back. And here, in the middle of this untouched nature and in its full grandeur, stays the saga-filled “Villa Winter”. We will picnic in Cofete, enjoy the scenery and rest. The return is on the same track. Pure nature!!!

HIKING: Walking the Sacred Mountains of Cardón - Fuerteventura.

cardon_spirit_webThe trip will lead us to a special type of volcano: a vent volcano.

It is formed by a slow ascend of lava in the central column of an already existing crater, but without major outflows. Once the lava solidifies inside the cone of ash, it forms a vertical conduit of basalt that will stay upright long after the ash around has been eroded by the natural elements. The ascent is along an old shepherds track and leads to a cave that is the centre of an annual religious festivity. Here you can enjoy the superb views over the south of the island. After the descent we head for Pájara where you can choose between a picnic under the bougainvillas or a lunch in a special restaurant.

HIKING: Walking to the Caldera Gairia - Tiscamanita - Fuerteventura.


A trip that leads us to a mill, a lava river, a dried up lagune some "badlands" and an Aloe Vera plantation.

We start from Tiscamanita with a visit to the mill museum where they used to grow many sorts of grain in the past. We then head to the East. We enter the volcano through the solidified lava river from the protected volcano Jaina (463m). The Tabaibas grow along the path to the beautiful view over the red soil of the “Womens Lagune”, the Malpais Chico and the Malpais Grande with the 2 Picon volcanoes. The way back will bring us to a Tapas restaurant or to an Aloe Vera Plantation.

HIKING: From Vallebrón to La Matilla - Fuerteventura.

guismat1Vallebrón, situated in a protected area and enclosed in a "U"-formed valley was once a very fertile farming area with hundreds of terraces and many wells.

We start the climb about 300m below the new sightseeing point and continue in the direction of the "La Muda" mountain, a place of historic interest due to ancient discoveries.

HIKING: Climbing the highest summit of Fuerteventura: "Pico de la Zarza" (807m)


A magnificent trip to the highest summit of Fuerteventura: Pico de la Zarza.

The ascending is trouble-free thanks to a broad and well-kept track. However, some condition is needed to go from sea level to 807m. Metre after metre we come closer to a (literally) breathtaking view. Turning your back you will see the hotel complexes and the Morro Jable lighthouse. Enormous Tabaiba bushes grow alongside the track, complemented by silky Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem. As we get higher these plants become more abundant thanks to the increasing humidity, supplied by a sea of clouds. After about 2 hours you will reach the summit and be astounded. You look at a steep edge to the West, the 14km long sandy beach of Cofete, the tiny village of Cofete and the mysterious villa Winter. In the North-East you will see the narrowest area (only 7km) of Fuerteventura: La Pared and the sacred mountains of Cardón. Further North lays the oldest mountain area of the Canaries. Watch out and keep tight as the wind can be strong, here!.