The Benefits of Clay

Clay has been used for many purposes since ancient times and its use has widespread thanks to its medical and aesthetic power. Clay is formed by erosion of rock by wind and water and therefore contains a lot of oligo-elements and mineral salts. The curative properties of clay are: absorbent, relaxing, regeneration, refreshing, decongesting, purifying, antibiotic, protection and cleansing of the organism from excess radiation (radiography and computers, etc.) It is very effective against bacteria, digestive problems, ulcers, gas, etc. There are different colours of clay, depending of its composition: green, white, brown, red...

Green Clay: the colour comes from iron and magnesium oxides. It is very rich in oligo-elements. It has purifying and antibacterial properties. It cleans the skin thoroughly and deeply and creates a relaxing feeling, together with elasticity and a sensation of refreshment. Ideal for a mixed or fatty skin type skin or for skin that is sensitive to acne and pimples. It is also good for treating bruises, pains, inflammations and cysts in the form of ointment. The finest type of clay is used for internal use.

White Clay: also known as Kaolin. It stands out for its detoxifying antibacterial and healing properties. It is ideal for dry and matt skins, it strengthens skin tissue and uplifts skin appearance. Thanks to its acidic pH it assists blood vessels and helps against tired feet.

Red Clay: due to its high iron and magnesium content it has strengthening anti-inflammatory and decongestive properties. Recommended for sensitive skins, against dermatitis and it helps cellular regeneration.

All clays are available in natural form as a powder or in ready-to-use tubes. For internal use also available in tablets.

Important: never use a metal or plastic container to prepare your paste, as the medicinal properties of the clay will be destroyed or at least significantly reduced.

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