Acid blocker: acid blockers are not a long-term solution.

How a short-term solution could become the main problem.

The so-called "acid blockers" help people with severe heartburn or duodenal ulcers. But how much of this can our body tolerate?

Abdominal fat: unhealthy belly fat.

The bigger the belly, the shorter the life.

Even though most fitness programs fight against the unattractive fat pads on the hips and bottom - a fat (and not beautiful) belly is much more dangerous for our health.

Rheumatism: the many faces of rheumatism.

Chronic pain in joints and bones.

In the morning "stiff joints" and actually always aching bones, muscles and tendons - in the vernacular it is usually simply called "I have rheumatism". Not only older people suffer from these complaints.

Body sweat: life saver and communicator.

Temperature regulation and body chemistry.

Our body has an amazing system for regulating its temperature, and its most important agent is sweat. Don't be annoyed by this quite natural body reaction, because it is not only vital but also a perfect means of communication!

Colorectal cancer screening: life-saving screening.

Control over intake and discharge: Food and colonoscopy.

Nobody likes to think about it and most of us keep putting off the medical examination. Of course it is a sensitive and intimate matter, but a colon cancer screening can be life-saving.

The gastrointestinal tract: the energy converter.

The exchange centre for food and poisons.

Our modern society is increasingly plagued by gastrointestinal complaints. They are caused by stress, lack of exercise, environmental influences and – of course – an unbalanced diet.

Muffin Tops: the “rolls” of mature life.

The body of its "over-40's"-owner says hello.

The summer brings it to light: "Muffin tops on stomach and hips"! Just a few years ago, you could keep the distribution of pounds in check by avoiding calory bombs and getting enough exercise. But now the "best age" look in the mirror reveals the unsparing truth: there is physical resistance!
An interview with doctor and scientist Dr. med. Ute Martens:

Losing weight without yo-yo effect: with intermittent fasting and the right fats.

Choose between the “16:8” or “2:5” intermittent fasting method and go for adapted food.

As soon as the warm season begins, a look in the full-body mirror becomes critical - and the trend towards fasting becomes popular again. Surprisingly, also some types of fat can help us in this process of getting slimmer...

Pure water in Fuerteventura - is demineralised water harmful?

The mineral balance of the human body.

Filtered, demineralised tap water using osmosis technology is still very popular with consumers in Fuerteventura. With this system you can eliminate the smallest amounts of minerals out of the de-salinated seawater and protect your coffee machine and boilers from fast corrosion. But how healthy or harmful is water without minerals for us?

Sunbathing on Fuerteventura: summer tan without worries.

Find a balance between UV-A and UV-B.

It is a sensitive topic: a dark summer tan vs. a healthy pallor separates the spirits. How much sun can a person tolerate and how dangerous are the rays really for our skin?

Vitamin D: The “sun” vitamin.

Vitamin-D Deficiency in the Canary Islands – also on Fuerteventura?

It is hard to believe, but an amazing number of people in the Canarian Islands suffer from vitamin D deficiency...


Angina: Summer, sun, vacation - sore throat?

Bacterial and viral infections of the throat.

Actually, it is thought that they occur mainly in the cool season - but it is amazing how often people get sore throats, especially during the summer and during their holiday on Fuerteventura.


Avoid holiday stress: Do it better!

Planning in everyday life and on your Fuerteventura holiday avoids stress.

Working overtime to finish the rest of the work before departure to Fuerteventura, quickly washing the last laundry, packing the suitcase, then taking care of the dog, cat, plants... - completely stressed you get into a rage at the smallest little thing. And all this only because you want to do everything before the (relaxing!) holiday. Do it better!

acupuncture 01

Acupuncture: the secret power of needlepricks.

Traditional and medical acupuncture.

If patients do not respond to conventional medical treatments or if all current options of conventional medicine are exhausted, a look at alternative methods can help...

tomatoes for the brain

Lycopene: tomatoes for the brain.

Antioxidant against radicals.

Tomatoes are considered a miracle weapon against all kinds of harmful influences on our body, from skin aging to cancer. We have long known that fresh fruit and vegetables are at the top of the scale of good things for us. One of the top places is occupied by a mixture, a so-called fruit vegetable...

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Immune System

Can an intact immune system also protect against major diseases?
The immune system, from the Latin “immunis” (i.e. untouched), is a highly complex system that plays a prominent role in our actually highly industrialised world, due to our exposure to massive amounts of synthetic chemicals since the industrial revolution.

(Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Aloe Vera Fresca

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It requires at least 4 years of irrigation before the plants starts to produce its valuable components in sufficient amounts.
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