Healthy Year

And here are some suggestions to get to it: after any party, celebration or heavy dinner: if you were a bit too enthusiastic with food, alcohol or sweets, then it is a good thing to alkalinise your blood and to cleanse your liver, intestines and the kidneys, organs that have the task to eliminate the toxins in your body.

- Cleansing the liver in a natural way can be successfully done with artichokes, Milk Thistle, Boldo, black Radish ... or if you want to cleanse thoroughly, then you can go for the hepatic cleansing – the systematic elimination of stones in liver and gallbladder. (please read the book from Andreas Moritz or from Dr. Med. Hulda Clark on this subject). This kind of cleansing will improve the functioning of all body systems: blood circulation, digestion, nervous system, skin, view, and will avoid problems with cholesterol and triglycerides, a fatty liver, muscle pain, flatulence, infections and liquid retention. Of course you can play an important part by avoiding as much as possible saturated fats: (prepared) meats, eggs, refined oils, cheese, butter, milk and yoghurt products originating from cows, industrially prepared food which contain conservation agents, colorants and other additives...

- Cleansing the kidneys can be done by using preparations from medicinal plants that will help you to excrete excess liquids: Rupture Wort, Horsetail, Bearberry, Golden Rod. Also helpful is an infusion of parsley and red cranberry which will assist in eliminating bacteria in the urinary tract and thus avoiding infections.
- Cleansing the intestines can be done in different ways: a hydrotherapy of the colon or, if you prefer, a treatment at home with a laxation solution of 2 litres infusion of thyme or chamomile, repeated 1-2 a week. Another way is with Linseed seeds, Fleawort, Chia. If there is a need for an immediate treatment, you can use plants like Senna, Sacred Bark, Buckthorn. After such a treatment you should allow the flora of your intestines to regenerate with Bifidus (capsules that contain millions of bacteria) and by doing so improving the assimilations nutrients and avoiding problems like flatulence, constipation, infections, diarrhoea...

Do not forget to respect sleeping times, exercising, walking in the nature and improving our way of life: natural and healthy food, reduce alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sugars, etc...
And last but not least: try to be in line with what you think, say and do and finally reach the point where your physical body comes into harmony and peace.

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