Ecologic cosmetics

Ecologic cosmetics are different from the conventional ones because of the use of ecologic raw materials which means that they have not been treated with pesticides, colorants, perfumes, synthetic chemicals that are derived from petroleum and products from dead vertebrates. Ecologic cosmetics have not been tested on animals and the active components are plant extracts, pure essential and vegetable oils. The use of genetically manipulated organisms is forbidden. All finished products are manufactured according to ecological criteria, are submitted to a severe quality control and receive a quality label.

The use of ecological cosmetics is advisable for anybody who wants to keep his/her body free of toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals. Nowadays, one can find any product for any treatment, based on ecologic cosmetics; from baby and juvenile products to products for adults to take care of Hair, Face, Body, Skin, Teeth, Lips, Nails, etc. There also is a product line for men. Try it and experience the difference!!!

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