Construction & Decoration - Fuerteventura: Interiores y Proyectos - Costa Calma.

Interiores & Proyectos.

spirit-polster-webConstruction – Rebuilding – Renovation.
We manage your project from planning till end-of-work.
Our experience of 25 years allows us to know about potential building problems and find adequate solutions.

Modernization – Redesigning.
Please consult our interior designer, painter or upholsterer.
A good design doesn't have to be expensive – just ask us for a free quote.


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Construction & Decoration - Fuerteventura: Interiores y Proyectos - Costa Calma.

Construction & Decoration: You can build on us!

spirit-polster-webINTERIORES Y PROYECTOS is your reliable constructor on Fuerteventura who will make your dream of a home on this island become true – even turn-key-ready, cleaned and furnished, if you want!

Or did you find your apartment and do you need it renovating , installing a new kitchen or adding some more space? Get detailed info from specialists, look into our catalogues, find the furniture you were looking for or get some inspiration from our interior decorator!


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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Make your home party-proof – Welcome to the Party Floor!

Partying in your home means a lot of fun, but it requires some preparation. How do you cope with the available space? How do you create the right atmosphere? Here are some ideas:
When you are planning a private party, it is advisable that you think about what you have to purchase and how you have to reorganise your rooms to comfort your guests.

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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Decoration - Wall Decoration

Entering your new home or wanting to change the looks of it without spending too much? Maybe a new wall decoration can do wonders. Here are some ideas:

Glicée print.

A glicée print is a printed copy of an original artwork that generally is signed, has the same looks as the original, but is a lot cheaper. The print quality is good, the colours are stable to light and the finishing is to standard.

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