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Good Health with natural Products.

In order to get or keep a good health in every aspect and to regenerate from the excesses of partying, one has to cleanse the body in a gentle and harmonic manner. Your body will be grateful.

We can use some fat burners to eliminate, or at least to reduce, the effects of rich food. If you exercise, then we recommend L. Carnitina due to its synergistic effect. If you don't, the African Mango will give excellent results, especially against belly fat. It is also satiating, will help to manage sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It will have a leverage effect together with green tea. Other effective fat burners are Chitosan that is highly recommended when eating out because it will capture the fats of the food, red tea, CLA, etc.


This treatment can be complemented with plants that will improve the digestive system by eliminating the toxins that are accumulating in the liver and intestines and which cause problems with cholesterol, constipation, headaches, acidity, difficult digestion ... Plants like Boldo, artichoke, milk thistle, dandelion, nettle, sarsaparilla will offer great help. Besides in infusions, you will find them in higher concentrations in tinctures, extracts or tablets. To regenerate the intestinal flora to improve the absorption of the nutrients of our food, we recommend the take Bifidus-based pro-biotics in the form of capsules as they contain high doses of living bacteria. Especially when taking pharmaceuticals it is very important to take these capsules to avoid weakening of the digestive tract.

Another good way to eliminate toxins and to strengthen the defensive system, to alkalinize the blood and to acquire more energy is to take vitamin supplements and anti-oxidants, like green wheat or barley, aronia, chlorella, spirulina, acai, maca, hemp protein and all kinds of seeds, grinded or powdered. These supplements are ideal to add into "Green Shakes", called this way because mixes of leaves of lettuce, arugula, kale, spinach, celery, beets, parsley are used. You also can add some fruit like apple, pear, kiwi, etc which contain fibres. Add a bit of water and mix. You can even add fresh ginger, when available. Just experiment with changing mixtures, according to taste. You will not believe how well you will feel yourself!

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