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Fuerteventura - Introduction and History


When you circle above Fuerteventura to prepare for landing and when you only focus on the land below you, you will see a completely barren area with no visible vegetation and you might think that you’re about to land on Mars. And when you are transferred from the airport to your hotel the views you capture from your bus seat may confirm your first impression and raise the inevitable question “Is this a holiday destination?”
Well yes, Fuerteventura indeed is a barren island with little vegetation and limited fauna, but if you invite yourself to have a closer look, you will be astonished about what the island has to offer: the pure lines of the wide horizon with many shades of grey and blue, the free views over the areas – land and sea, the impressive geological formations, the local culture not to mention the miles of unspoilt sandy beaches (152 beaches, most golden sand but some black) considered to be the finest in Europe - this is our island - an island of many opportunities for leisure & fun.
Welcome to Fuerteventura! Let us guide you on the island - it will surprise you

Fuerteventura - Beaches - Nature - Culture

Weather forecast for Fuerteventura - 4 day view.
The weather on Fuerteventura has no high peaks and deep slopes as you might have at home. On the contrary, the weather on Fuerteventura is showing temperatures in the shade from 15ºC till 30ºC. When it gets windy feel temperatures might be somewhat lower.

Weather during Summer:
In general, the summers are dry, sunny - and windy. The prevailing N/NE wind is keeping us cool and is most appreciated by water sporters like windsurfers, surfers and kiters. The sunbathers do cherish those winds too, although some might be fooled by their cooling effect and turn up for dinner in their hotel, tomato-red. Sun cream (min. factor 30) at all times!!!

Weather during Winter:
The last years have given us some thunderstorms and heavy rain, but general weather conditions still are fine to enjoy beaches and surfing. The weather during winter still allows you to go home with a tan.

Please check the current local weather conditions and 4-day weather forecast below. They include cloud cover, temperature, wind direction, windspeed and probability of rainfall.
Enjoy your holiday in Fuerteventura!

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Fuerteventura Hiking

Welcome to the walking, hiking & mountain biking paradise of Fuerteventura.

Discovering unique places by walking or biking around on Fuerteventura will give you one of the best moments of your holiday. Although many people think that Fuerteventura is only a barren island and "a pile of rocks", this island really offers great surprises for those who "step out of the (hotel)box".
The rewards for this extra effort are interesting flora and fauna, intriguing shapes of sand and rock, absolute tranquillity and pitch black skies at night and, last but not least, superb and unforgettable views. Fuerteventura at its best!

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