Gofio – an old but healthy food component.

The roasted grain – Gofio – has its origin thousands of years ago. By roasting the grain before milling, one can destroy mould and mould toxins, allowing poorly stored grain still to be used. The flavour will improve because more complex sugars are being formed through the roasting process. Furthermore the higher roasting temperatures will partly break down starch and protein compounds and thus make it more digestible.

In North Africa – most probably the area of origin of most of the latest ancestors of the local inhabitants of the Canary Islands – it was called “Arkul”. It was then crushed by hand between two stones, was mixed with some water, kneaded and eaten as such. It was then a basic food ingredient for most people, due to its availability and long shelf life. The name “Gofio” originates from the aboriginals of Gran Canaria.
Gofio is nowadays made of maize and wheat and is very rich in vitamins, proteins, fibres and minerals, it can be easily mixed with milk and is therefore an ideal component of a healthy breakfast. In Fuerteventura Gofio is also made of chickpeas, lupin beans and some local wild plants. It can de added to stews, soups, sauces to thicken them, smoothies, desserts and ice creams.
Why not trying a local dish or taking a bag of Gofio with you as a souvenir?