Fuerteventura Excursions.

Fuerteventura "Excursion" Guide.
You will find in this Fuerteventura "Excursion" Guide all about the most interesting spots on Fuerteventura. We suggest to make one or more of the following excursions on Fuerteventura, so that you will have a good picture about what this beautiful island has to offer: a round trip by bus or jeep to get an overall impression about the coastal area and the inland, a boat excursion including some snorkeling to enjoy the tranquillity and sealife, starwatching to discover our amazing galaxy, a visit to the botanical garden in La Lajita, and a buggy tour to visit volcanic terrain.
Find here all you need to know about excursions on Fuerteventura, presented in a condensed and comprehensive way with pictures, videos and suggestions to get the most out of your holiday. Welcome to Fuerteventura - your holiday island destination!

Please find below a menu to all kinds of excursions on Fuerteventura. Just click on the titles below.

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The excursion on Fuerteventura that are shown in our Fuerteventura Excursion Guide are: Bus Tours, guided Walking / Hiking Tours, visits to Museums and archaeological sites, visits to farms and cheese factories, snorkelling and diving, guided motorboat and sailboat trips, guided biking tours, enduro and off-road motorbike tours, guided Buggy & Quad Tours, Horse Riding and guided Horseback Riding, and excursions by private airplane. All information about the Excursions in Fuerteventura that is communicated in our Fuerteventura Excursion Guide has been collected and edited to our best knowledge. However, we do not accept any responsibility for any damage - direct or indirect - caused by the information displayed on our website.{/sliders}

Fuerteventura Excursion & Tour Planner

The Fuerteventura Excursion & Tour Planner makes your planning to visit Fuerteventura easier and more effective. We have listed here the top 10 places of interest of Fuerteventura that are a must-see or a must-do. We will regularly update this Fuerteventura excursion planner to offer you the best info on the most interesting spots to visit. We wish you a fine and safe journey!

  1-2 Days 3-4 Days 5-6 Days > 6 Days
City Sightseeing
Corralejo-4, El Cotillo-2 Lajares-1, La Oliva-1 Puerto Lajas-1  
El Campanario market (Corralejo)-2 Los Coroneles (La Oliva)-1, El Toston (El Cotillo)-1 Bargain Market (Corralejo)-2, La Rosita (Villaverde)-1 Museum La Cilla (La Oliva)-1, Museum Rosalinda (Villaverde)-1
Dunes (Corralejo)-2, Lagoons (El Cotillo)-2 North Shore (Corralejo)-1, Mountain La Muda (La Matilla - Tindaya)-3 Volcano Bayuyu (Lajares)-3, Mountain Arena (La Oliva)-3 Cueva de Llanos (Villaverde)-1, Mountain Escanfraga (Villaverde)-3, Mountain Tindaya (Tindaya)-3
City Sightseeing
Betancuria-2, Pájara-1, Ajuy-2 Puerto del Rosario-3, Caleta de Fuste-2 Antigua-1, Los Molinos-1 Tetir-1, Pozo Negro-1
Archeology Museum-1, Monastery-1, Cheese Farm-1 (Betancuria) Museum La Alcogida (Tefia)-1, Museum de la Sal (Caleta de Fuste)-1 Museum Molino (Antigua)-2, Casa Unamuno (PdR)-1 La Atalayita (Pozo Negro)-2, Museum Los Molinos (Tiscamanita)-1, Casa Dr. Mena (Ampyuenta)-1
Cave (Ajuy)-2, Morro Velosa & road to (Betancuria)-3 Walk to lake (Vega de Rio Palmas)-3 Walk to Rocky Gate (Ajuy)-3 Malpais (Pozo Negro)-2
City Sightseeing
Costa Calma-2, Jandia-2, Morro Jable-2 Gran Tarajal-2, Las Playitas-1 La Lajita-1, La Pared-1 Faro de Jandia-1
Bargain Markets Costa Calma-2 & Jandia-2 Church (Gran Tarajal)-1 Cheese Farm La Pastora (La Pared)-1  
Cofete-2, Barranco de las Canarias-1, Playa Sotavento-1, Beach La Pared-1 (Sunset) Oasis Park-3, Risco del Paso-2, Walk CC Beach – Sotavento-4, Turtle Farm (Morro Jable) -1 Road La Pared - Pajara-2 Road Faro de Jandia-4


Use of Tour Planner: We have classified the items to be visited into 3 categories:
- City sightseeing (just stroll around in the city/village and absorb the atmosphere),
- Culture (visit locations that offer information about culture & history of the island) and
- Nature (locations that will show you representative views about nature & geography of the island).
Suggestions are presented in function of the area where you have your accommodation (North, Centre, South) and in function of the amount of days that you want to spend for your excursion (from 1 to more than 6 days). If you also want to make tours outside your area, then preferentially pick those items that are in red unless you specifically want to go for a black item. All of them will give satisfaction.

Legend: Items in red are those that are regarded to be most representative for Fuerteventura. Items in black are interesting too, but of somewhat lesser priority if you have to make a choice. The numbers behind the items are the estimated minimum time in hours to spend at that location to fully enjoy the place. Please note that these times do not include the time to drive to this place, as everybody has his own pace. After all, you are on holiday, aren't you?

Extra Info: please always take with you on your trip: min. 1,5l still water/person, sun cream min. factor 30, cap or hat, camera, good shoes. When you drive on the roads around Betancuria, you may take some pictures of the squirrels that you will encounter on the parking lots, but please don't feed them.

We wish you a nice and safe journey around Fuerteventura.


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Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario
Tel.: 928 860 624 & 928 860 622

Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario
Tel.: 928 860 576

Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario
Tel.: 928 860 628

Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario
Tel.: 928 86 07 67 & 928 84 62 50

TOP CAR Autoreisen
Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario
Tel.: 928 860 760

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Corralejo - C/ Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, 19 - Tel.: 928 536 670

Corralejo - Avda. Islas Canarias, 19 - CC Oasis Papagayo - Tel.: 928 536 274 & 928 537 502

Corralejo - Avda. Pedro y Guy Vandaele, s/n - Aparthotel Aloe Club Resort - Tel.: 928 860 624

Corralejo - C/Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, s/n - CC Atlántico, Local 35 - Tel.: 928 866 413

Corralejo - C/ Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, s/n - Tel.: 928 535 660 & 928 535 443

Corralejo - C/Anguila, 1 - Tel.: 928 867 650

Corralejo - Avda. Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, 10 - Tel.: 928 535 842

Corralejo - C/Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, s/n - Tel: ?
CC El Campanario, Local 30 - Tel.: ?

Corralejo - www.autosserapia.com

Corralejo - C/Nstra. Sra. del Carmen, 64 - Tel.: 928 867 180

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Puerto del Rosario - Poligono El Matorral - Tel.: 928 861 140 & 619 561 956 & 675 519 128

Puerto del Rosario - Llanos de la Mareta - Calle Primera, Locales 4 y 5 - Tel.: 928 827 055

Caleta de Fuste - Hotel Sheraton - Tel.: 639 474 030

Caleta de Fuste - Avda. El Castillo, s/n - Tel.: 928 163 516

Caleta de Fuste - C.C. Happy Center - Local 5 - Tel.: 928 163 859 - 928 163 840

El Matorral - www.autosserapia.com

Caleta de Fuste - Tel.: 928 163 087

Caleta de Fuste - Opposite Hotel Barcelo Fuerteventura - Tel.: 928 163 821 & 606 360 327

Caleta de Fuste - Hotel Los Geranios, Local 8 - Tel.: 928 537 036

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Costa Calma - Tel.: 639 150 090 -

Costa Calma - Tel.: 618 176 127 & 671 740 421

Costa Calma - C/ LTU, s/n - Tel.: 928 875 221

Costa Calma - Hotel Taro Beach, Local 1 - Tel.: 928 875 229 & 616 968 689

Costa Calma - Avda. Jahn Reisen, s/n - CC Botánico, Local 1 - Tel.: 928 875 219 - 928 875 062

Costa Calma - Hotel Taro Beach - Tel.: 928 547 291 & 630 393 009 & 649 209 233

Costa Calma - Hotel Taro Beach - Tel.: 928 875 070

Playa Barca - Hotel Meliá Los Gorriones - Tel.: 928 542 145

Jandia - C/Playas de Jandía - CC Ventura - Local 16 - Tel.: 928 871 830 - 619 745 120

Jandia - C/ Bentenjui, 2 - Edificio Esmeralda - Tel.: 928 540 354

Jandia - Calle Bentejui, 4 - Hotel Alameda - Edificio Matorral L6 - Tel.: 928 540 929

Jandia - C/ Boulevar El Timón, s/n - Tel.: 928 541 419 & 928 540 142

Jandia - Avda. Saladar, 15 - Tel.: 928 541 049


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Museums Fuerteventura

Find here a review of the most important museums of of local history and activities on Fuerteventura:

cueva.jpg cilla.jpg alcogida.jpg
betancuria.jpg sal.jpg antigua.jpg
unamuno.jpg mena.jpg veloso.jpg
molinos.jpg atalayita.jpg info.jpg