Culture & Leisure - Fuerteventura: SANDS OF FUERTEVENTURA: 7 COLOURS, 7 BEACHES.

fotO-perfil-FILTROWhen we think about heavenly beaches, we immediately imagine those of the Caribbean, Hawaï, Polinesia and, indeed, they all are of a divine beauty. But we don't have to go that far. Fuerteventura has magnificent beaches situated in privileged places and the sand there does offer us a practically unlimited variation of colours. We can find almost every shade of colour here, except the reds and the greens which are reserved exclusively for the Hawaiian islands. P1010049In addition to this broad band of colours which goes from white to black, passing over shades of grey, brown, golden or yellow, one has to add other factors like grain size, organic debris which will influence the resulting colour and appearance even more and by this will enlarge the overall colour scheme.