2Name: Valeria

Family Name: Bentivogli

Nationality: Italian

Place of Birth: Bologna, Italy

Education: PhD Political Sciences, University of Bologna; auto-didactic in art.

Time on Fuerteventura: since 2006


Since her adolescence, Valeria experienced lots of artistic styles, as a self-made painter. Later she studied with famous painters of Bologna as Mr. Sergio Vellani, Mr. Francesco Ara and Mr. Wolfango. Valeria took successfully part to important painting workshops, achieving significant awards, as:

in 1986 the Golden Medal at the exhibition "Città di Bologna" (“City of Bologna”)

in 2004 the Silver Medal at the exhibition "Sotto i portici" (“Below the Bologna arcades”)

in 2005 the Golden Medal at the exhibition "Sotto i portici" (“Below the Bologna arcades”)

In1 Fuerteventura Valeria already exhibited at the Mall "El Campanario" of Corralejo, at the La Oliva Municipal Art Center "El Toston" of El Cotillo, in the gallery “La Fuentita” in Corralejo and in the “Centro de Arte Juan Ismael” in Puerto del Rosario.

Valeria mainly likes the figurative painting and the Impressionist style, with some references towards the Expressionism and the geometrical style, ranging from cut off flowers paintings to portraits in Liberty style. Valeria also realizes lots of paintings inspired to the Fuerteventura landscapes. Tel.: 0034 696 762 158, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.