Brian John McLernon

Photographer and philosopher.

SR28-intropicHaving worked as a bricklayer in Ireland, Brian one day decided to do something different and left his home in 2001 with the naive idea of living the life of a beach bum kite boarding on Fuerteventura. Then a couple of years later with no warning decided to buy a camera and explore photography. Through rabid curiosity and practice, he has managed in only nine years to create some stunning photography, reaching the point where his unique images now bring light into fine homes and businesses in every continent throughout the world.

Much of Brian's work is about Fuerteventura's colourful and textured beaches, created with the use of long exposures. With this technique and his quest for the perfect light and framing he is able to produce incredibly emotive photographs. "It has much to do with how people receive my work - it's about the deepest rhythms of life. And I believe that when someone finds a connection with one of my photographs that I am merely a link between them and creation. The photograph somehow echoes/reverberates to their frequency and becomes a mirror of something deep within themselves." Brian holds very strongly to the idea that all photographs are the direct results of our imagination and that with clear purpose we can distil the essence of life.
You can enjoy Brian's work on Mon & Fri at the Corralejo market and on Sun at El Campanario. Web: