Arts & Crafts - Fuerteventura: Sedarte - Lajares.

SEDARTE: Lidia Nuñez - Creations with silk, colours and light.

DSC02869Lidia was born in Léon and lives on Fuerteventura since 1996. About 17 years ago, she had her first contact with painting silk through Astrid Ethell. Fascinated by the play of colours and textures on silk, she started to investigate and learn on her own about the subject. She also followed intensive courses about the different techniques with Carmen Escolano in Madrid. Lidia gets inspired by the island.

She first draws a draft onto silk or paper, depending on the complexity of the project and then starts to dye the silk with natural colours and subsequently fixes them in an autoclave. In this way she creates unique pieces like lamps, the typical Spanish fans, paintings, clothes, purses, pendants, belts and collars which reflect the atmosphere and the tints of the island. Regular themes are the sea, the dunes, volcanoes and all natural shades and textures of the Fuerteventura. Together with other artists she also promotes the craft activity of Lajares. She also has co-operated with interior designers to decorate hotels of which one - Jandía Park - belongs to the Iberostar chain. Lidia is a member of the "Artesanía Canaria", an initiative of the Canarian Government, which stays for guaranteed exclusivity and authenticity. Her shop and work floor, which she shares with Bernhard Glauser, is called "CABRACADABRA" and is on the main square of Lajares.

Open: Mon-Fri 10-14 & 15:30-18h + Sat 10-14h
Web: Tel.: 651 889 929