Real Material World

Till now our understanding of the material world and our body, as we see and experience it, was based on a “belief”. Namely the belief about “Materialism”, that stipulates that “Reality” is what we experience through our senses.

Of course, our sound mind tells us that this can’t be true. From where I stand I can experience that the world is flat, which isn’t. I experience that I stay on stable ground, which isn’t as I move at a speed of several thousands of miles per hour around the sun. My senses tell me that the sun rises in the East and moves across the sky, which isn’t, as we know now.

 About 20 years ago, some scientists of the Harvard Medical School carried out an experiment with 2 cat populations: one was raised in a room with only vertically oriented decoration (stripes) and the other one was raised in a room with only horizontally oriented decoration. When the scientists examined the cat’s brains, they found out that the first group didn’t have interneuron links to interpret horizontal stimuli and vice versa. The conclusion the scientists made was that the cats “programmed” their brain according to the stimuli they were exposed to and that this programming led to confirmation and strengthening of the previously experienced events. This is called PCC (Premature Cognitive Commitment).

Another experiment with flies tells us the same story: contain flies in a closed jar and open the lid after a while. Most of the flies – except some pioneers – will not be able to leave the open jar. Their previously experienced event leads to a PCC in which their universe is closed at the top.

Elephants are being trained in India by attaching baby elephants onto big trees with strong chains. When they are grown up, they are so conditioned that a thin rope on a tiny tree is sufficient. Their PCC makes them think that they cannot get away. All this can be explained by:  the conditioning of the brain.

This is true for any creature, regardless where it stands on the ladder of evolution.

The nerve system has one purpose only: the repeating and confirmation of what became “belief”.

The statement “I belief what I see” is thus absolutely not relevant. On the contrary: We only see/experience what we belief, based on our conditioning.

So, what is then “Reality”? How does it look alike? What is its structure?

It depends on what senses are being used. A honeybee does not see the flower, but the honey, a snake would see the infra red pattern of the flower and a bat would get a HF-echo picture of the flower.

Sir John Eckles, Neurophysiologist and Nobel Prize winner, stated: in reality there are no colours, no matter, no smell, no beauty nor ugliness. There is only Energy Soup, out there. Undefined, flowing Quantum Soup from which we make in our consciousness our “Real Material World”, following our observations and conditioned interpretation.

In reality there is only this formless, flowing Quantum Soup that we fix as our “Real Material World” through our observation and conditioned interpretation. In our normal level of consciousness we will never be able to experience the real structure of “Reality” as we try to understand it with the limited and fragmented information that comes through our senses.

Here and now, we are confronted with the limitations of the “traditional” way of looking at “Reality” and, at the same time, we get an invitation to expand our knowledge about it through exploring new ways to experience “Life”. The key seems to be to – first - get rid of the conditioned consciousness. How one does this is a personal choice. There are many ways to walk that path. Be open for the walk and enjoy the search. What is to be found is not at the end, but is there where you are. To be continued…

Michel Robeers

Remark: Some elements in this article have been collected from a presentation of Dr. Deepak Chopra. Time Magazine has selected Dr. Chopra as one of the top 100 most impressive personalities of the 20th century.