The Canarian Sea Lavender on the island of Lobos

87_NATUR_Y_CIENCIAARRIBAThere are about 350 different species and sub-species of the Sea Lavender, defined by botanists and one only can be found here on the island of Lobos, more specific in a small lagoon. The “Oval leaf Sea Lavender” is only 12 cm high and has scoop-like leaves with tiny lilac-coloured flowers. The plant lives in mangroves with seawater-moist sandy soil.

Also only living on Lobos is the abundant Canarian Sea Lavender. This plant is somewhat bigger, more bushy and with pink flowers. Both species are endangered. The Canarian Sea Lavender used to be seen in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, but nowadays is extinct.
Suggestion: take the glass-bottom boat, leaving at 13.00 from the Corralejo harbour; enjoy the marine flora and fauna during the trip; enjoy the 3-hour journey on Lobos by walking around, swimming in the little bay “La Concha” or just chilling out and return to Corralejo at 16.00h87_NATUR_Y_CIENCIAABAJO.