La Folie des Délices: Macaron de Gofio

folie-sr30-3Philippe Laurent, business owner at La Folie des Délices in Corralejo, presents his new creation: the Macaron Gofio, a meringue shell with Gofio and filled with Gofio and Truffe de Lait (Milk Truffle). Philippe builds on 3 generations of pastry making which has resulted in this new member of the Macaron Parisien, two shells that are combined with any kind of tasty filling. The key to a maximum culinary experience is quality of the products, know-how and freshness.

Macarons are a biscuit made of egg white, sugars, ground almond or powder. Their origin could date from 791, but definitely before 1660 in France – where they were served for the marriage of Louis XIV. However, at that time there were no fillings.