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Thu-006Bonito/Tuna with tuno (Opuntia) sauce and fennel puree (4 servings).

4-6 slices of fresh Bonito or Tuna (+/- 4cm thick)
4-6 big onions
4-6 celery sticks
2-3 table spoons tuno (Opuntia) marmalade
Virgin olive oil
100ml water
50ml Cava
1kg potatoes
500g fennel
30g butter

Puree: Boil the potatoes and the fennel separately. Mix the fennel to puree. Make puree from the potatoes and add the fennel puree with the butter. Add warm milk and stir till you get a pasty puree. Add salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm.
Tuna: Cut the onions in rings and the celery into 1cm dices. Cook both together with 3 table spoons olive oil for 5 mins on low fire. Add the Bonito or Tuna to it and cook 1 side of the fish for 10 mins. Turn the fish, mix the tuno marmalade with the water and the cava and add it to the fish. Allow to cook for another 10 mins. on low fire. Add salt and pepper according to taste.