Let it go...

Let it go...

... and let it flow. Easier said than done. Anybody who made the step to Fuerteventura – or another foreign location – knows that letting go became a permanent companion, in the past and maybe today still is. You leave behind the usual life, family, friends, job, home and the surroundings that you got accustomed to for a journey into another world. Attitude is everything, as the challenges are multiple and complex, most of the time. Issues which you never anticipated emerge, situations that you never experienced will call upon you. And so it can happen that, when sticking to the usual procedures and structures, your journey might become rather bumpy. However whatever the outcome, you will have learned and built up experiences that never can be taken out of a book. Experience – whether positive or negative – remains an experience that will bring you further on to your path of life.

Many of our experiences – sometimes from a distant past – are carried with us unconsciously instead of being digested. Those experiences tend to slow us down on our new quests of life. Inside us old schemes are constantly having their influence on our actual behaviour, like experiences during school time or about relationships. Or our Ego jeopardises our ability to rely on intuition or to listen to our hearth. Too many times we are occupied with grooming about old issues and are sticking onto them, instead of letting them go and free ourselves.
If for instance I always had a dream of studying a particular domain (job?), then I could groom for the coming years that I am too old, too sick or not having enough spare time or blame other people for my unrealised dream, like the partner, the children, the society, the system. Or I could grab all my courage, search for the help that I need to realise this dream and go for the unknown. Or I start something different, maybe quite similar altogether, and create new opportunities that make me feel happy. By doing so I could leave the past behind me and avoid the "could-have-done/could-have-been" mental spiral. In this way I might be closer to personal freedom and openness instead of being frustrated and reproachful.

Our world is immense and there is a lot out there to discover. But mankind in general is mostly reluctant about changes and prefers to stick to the known, instead of modifying things and discover the unknown. However, sometimes just that could be the solution. It does not mean that you all have to expatriate; often the solution lies closer as expected. One could try to live one's life with more awareness. Being more receptive to meeting people and to observe situations as they occur; they might have an undiscovered message or meaning to you. Or becoming a bit more modest, as today we are constantly imprinted by our consumption society with its mass production. To become aware of what truly is important in our life. To free oneself from the hidden dependence of mobile communication and the expectation of permanent availability.
The daily professional occupation and stress leave little room to be aware of our treadmill.

Therefore holiday is a good time to free up one's head and to become aware about the "here and now". Having said that, I truly wish you a relaxing stay on Fuerteventura – enjoying the here and now – and I sincerely do hope that you can ... let it go.


--- Experience is not what happens to a man;
it is what a man does with what happens to him. ---
Aldous Huxley