Crystallised Angels

cristalprojetorTheir beauty cannot be put in words. Their power of healing surpasses our imagination and way of thinking. Healing stones are companions on our way of life, like crystallised angels.
When you hold a stone in your hand – no matter if it is just a pebble or a precious stone – you hold substantially more in your hand than just the result of a million-year-old chemical and physical process: it is the essence of all, of wisdom, and the truth about our existence. The universe has endless ways of expressing itself. One of them is through the wonderful magic of healing stones, which beauty attracts us.

Healing stones act on a virtual, non-touchable and non-material level. They support any system in which they are integrated. Their power does not depend on a belief and thus they are effective to men, animals and plants. Their help is immense. They help to discover and relieve blockades, to filter and detoxify bodies, and they support our immune system in any dimension – whether physical or mental. When looking behind the scene of illusions, which represents for many people reality, one can discover that everything is the same. The physical dimension is the spiritual one and vice versa; but it took us some time to realise this. Although they always will give support, they never can be a substitute for a medical treatment. Both go hand in hand. cristalesA wonderful way of integrating healing stones into our life is to energise our drinking water with them. Doing so, we absorb their energy into our body. You need a glass jar (no plastic), healing stones of your choice, full moon, the sun and water. Before you expose your healing stones to the energy of the full moon or the sun, you can clean them by putting them into boiling water for 2-3 minutes. You can expose them to the energy of the sun where the timing of the day and the duration of the exposure will determine the energy level: the power of the sun will be lower during sun rise and sun set than during mid-day. To energise your stones with moonlight, you may prefer to choose for full moon exposure, although any moon cycle is OK. Your personal feelings regarding the energy level of the moon might give you some guidance. 1a_RubiAfter having energised your stones, you should clean them slightly with water and a napkin. Then you put them in the jar, fill it with bottled water and allow standing for 1-2 hours. Drink as much as you like and make sure that you fill the jar regularly to allow the transfer of their energy. Leave the jar on a shady and cool place. A basic blend consists of mountain crystal, amethyst, and rose quartz, but you are free to add other types according to your feeling. And the feeling through your inner voice will guide you in your choice. Some stones will exercise a real attraction to you, others will repel. Don’t try to understand why; just accept and trust yourself. The mountain crystal is regarded as the “Master Healer” and its power goes beyond filtering and cleaning your energy as well as its own surroundings (like that of other stones). It brings clarity in thoughts, insight in the true own needs and it gives protection, like a mountain. The amethyst also is a “Master Stone” It provides balance in our spiritual and physical energy, offering thus inner peace. The rose quartz is the “Love Stone” as it helps us to love us, to accept us and to embrace us as we are and therefore creates the condition to love and accept the other ones. And this will lead to the revolution in relationships, away from the needs and from the obsession to need someone else to experience love and to create expectations and illusions about the partner which always will lead to disillusions. Go for the freedom of giving because you have plenty of it, and this without pitfalls and conditions that the partner has to fulfil to receive our love. Other healing stones that might be familiar to you are: tiger eye, jade, lapis lazuli, obsidian, etc, etc, etc. You can find many of them in the shop “Galeria La Fuentita” or in two other ones, all on the main road. Or you can order them by internet like at Heike, “House of Spirit” on Radio QFM of , Mondays from 18:00-20:00h.