Intelligent use of our Brain

In the last edition of Spirit, we wrote about the evolution of mankind’s consciousness from the level of our ancestors – the humanoids –, towards ours today – Homo Sapiens. And we raised the question if the actual level of our consciousness would be the highest one that could be reached. And the answer was “no”.

The majority of us are convinced that what our brain is doing day after day is fabulous and is to be regarded as the crown on the development of species. And, for sure, it is a magnificent and unique creation, but are we using it properly and at full capacity? Again, the answer is “no”.

The human brain is in fact made out of 3 major brain centres and each has a specific domain of tasks: the most primitive one is the so-called Brain-stem and is to be compared with the level of a reptile brain. It co-ordinates the most basic functions like combat & survival and it regulates most of the basic body functions. The next brain level is called the Limbic system and represents our social behaviour. It regulates our relationships and is problem oriented. It is focused on daily and short-term problems and their solution. The last and most developed brain centre is called the Neocortex and it is responsible for the higher functions such as creativity, abstract thinking, communication, etc.

Brain measurements have demonstrated that the activity of the human brain-stem is so high, compared to other species that – according to Dr. T.D.A. Lingo – if a cat would have the same activity level, it would run away in full panic from a mouse. When the brain-stem activity is dominating, then people mainly will be occupied in their daily life with survival techniques, because they see the surrounding world as a threat to them. What impresses us most becomes our reality. The brain-stem and the limbic system generally do not process facts, but merely impressions. When you get frightened at night by a shadow and want to run away as a reflex, then that’s your brain-stem acting. Objectively, there is no threat coming from a shadow, but your reptile-brain part acts according to the impressions received. The limbic system concentrates on wishes, desires and social behaviour. When basic wishes and desires have been fulfilled in a general way, then the limbic system gets into a mode of satisfaction and tranquillity. And it is only then that the highest brain level – the Neocortex – can be accessed at full capacity. Look at history; all great artists, scientists, philosophers, writers, poets and even religious people were “disconnected” from their daily concerns when performing at their best. In fact, they were at a meditative level because they were able to re-direct the main energy flow from the reptile and Limbic brain system towards the higher Neocortex level.

The Western civilisation mainly focused on survival and social behaviour and we excelled in this, despite some horrendous mistakes. And, generally, the education to our kids does not include reaching another level of consciousness through meditative techniques. We tend to keep our kids busy and today, with all these electronic games, we even have not to be involved anymore. And the worst of it is that most of these games are appealing to the reptile brain system – combat & survival. What a waste. I expect this to backfire in future generations.

The secret of real survival of mankind is the correct use of our brain at full capacity. The capability to re-direct the energy flow from the most primitive part of our brain towards the most developed one is inherent to everybody. People from the Orient understand this already for a long time and have optimised the techniques to reach this meditative condition. In the Western world, we only knew this for a long time from hypnosis for medical and psychiatric purposes. The concept to reach this meditative condition is to put oneself in a safe, comfortable and quiet place, then to relax your body through respiration techniques eventually combined with gentle body movements (shaking, dancing, etc) and finally to switch off the constant rumour in your head that occupies itself with the daily “problem & to-do” checklist. The last part might be the toughest part and might need several trials. Best is to allow yourself to initiate within a group. You can avoid a wrong start and disappointment, learn faster and in optimal conditions, meet new people and sense the feeling of being connected. And this is what it is all about: connecting with what surrounds you.

Modern communication techniques provide us with a massive amount of useful information about these new ways of intelligent life. We should take this opportunity to prepare ourselves for the next trip to a higher level of consciousness. We will need it. It is a matter of survival of our race.

Because we are the only species on Earth that has the potential to irreversibly destroy our habitat.