Fuerteventura’s own Olive Oil.

Since a couple of years local farmers have started to grow olives with the goal to convert them into first grade olive oil. A first pressing resulted in a very high-quality oil with exceptional characteristics and an acidity level between 0,2 and 0,4%.

A small processing plant, costing about 70.000 euros, has been installed on the premises of the agricultural fair grounds in Pozo Negro. The press can accept up to 600kg/h of olives. It is regarded as the biggest press of the Canaries because Fuerteventura has the most olive trees from the archipelago. These trees have been planted in recent years as a wind shield to other plantations, but since 2010 they are ready to harvest their fruits from August till October. The collection of the olive oil is done in 4 steps: grinding the olives, centrifuging the mush to extract the liquid, decantation to separate the finest solids, and quality analysis and bottle. The yield for 2015 is expected to be min. 6.000 litres of finest virgin olive oil and some of it even carries the label “Ecologic”. The trees can grow quite easily on poor soil, they accept some salinity and they grow fast. The Cabildo offers 3.000 – 4.000 olive trees annually, mainly from the varieties “Picual”, “Arbequina”, “Manzanilla” and “Verdial de Huévar”.

You can purchase virgin olive oil from Fuerteventura in specialised shops.



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