HIKING: From Vallebrón to La Matilla - Fuerteventura.

guismat1Vallebrón, situated in a protected area and enclosed in a "U"-formed valley was once a very fertile farming area with hundreds of terraces and many wells.

We start the climb about 300m below the new sightseeing point and continue in the direction of the "La Muda" mountain, a place of historic interest due to ancient discoveries.

During the walk we can see the fig trees, cacti and mulberry trees but also historic ruins and some restored houses. Once on the top, we can enjoy the views to Tetir, the village that is surrounded by four volcanoes, the valley of Guisgey and the top of La Muda. We explain to you the flora, fauna, history, geology and then descend to the village of La Matilla. There we will enjoy a typical meal. The track has been recently restored by the Cabildo, the local government.

Info: duration 3 hours - difficulty level: medium - Min. age: 10.