Name: José

Family Name: Teijo

Nationality: Galicia

Place of birth: Oza – A Coruña

Date of birth: 19/09/1971

Education: Autodidact

Time on Fuerteventura: since 2003




or Teijo as he prefers to be called, is an unconventional artist.

According to himself, he is “difficult to understand but easy to

read”. Also the materials that he is using for his creations are

unconventional like, but not limited to: garbage, recycled materials,

organic material and crude oil. He makes oil paint, collages with

parts from hardboard from manifestations, textile, etc. In his total

freedom of mind he allows himself to combine old radios with parts of

mannequins and cow horns to make an original expression of a fetish.



Teijo, art represents the inner world of the artist. It contains at

the same time the promise of happiness and the evasion from the daily

cruelty. Therefore there are no limits to imagination and to the

means of expressing it. And,

as he states “you love my work or you hate it”. But it remains

his way of enjoying the expression of total freedom, imagination and

creativity. Each new creation is a surprise. However, constant

elements in his work are his tensions and fears, as well as

aggression, erotica, madness, confusion and beauty. “I may be mad,

chaotic, out of this world and with a lot of talent, but – as with

plants – you have to cherish it to keep it alive.



could conclude with the mainstream philosophy of Teijo himself: “To

create is something uncontrollable”.

Isn’t this quite similar to our life deep down…?