Tom Tomlinson's Art Photography.

night creature finishedThe prolific world of art today clearly demonstrates how we all see the world differently. I've seen the world as civil engineer, building constructor, designer of houses, kitchens, wood sculpture and too much more to mention. Now I choose to express myself with photography with all its diversity. From capturing the image, to the modern dark room, there's plenty of room for individual vision. Which ever medium I've worked in, my passion will remain my major asset. And my dream, it’s simple really, create invoking images; images that break rules and provoke a response from the viewer.

Now that I found how to express myself through pictures, I will continue to push my best friend, the camera, challenging colour, hue, saturation, contrast, and searching to extrapolate the elusive dynamic resolution that is always present at the scene of the crime, but absconds when I try to capture it. It’s been a great adventure so far.
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