Johan OTTERDAHL: a multi-talented musician on Fuerteventura.







WHO'S WHO: Johan Otterdahl

Name: Johan Otterdahl ( Swingkid )

Nationality: Swedish

Place of Birth: Born in Sweden but my land has no borders

Date of Birth: 1980

Education: qualified dance teacher and certified Whisky specialist

Time on Fuerteventura: since 1999

Johan Otterdahl is a multi-talented musician who loves to play a wide range of styles: Blues, Rock, Folk, Reggae, Punk and Pop. He performed in a variety of concerts and festivals. He recently produced his first album.

The Album "Songs from a Basement"

front-copy-300The songs on the album were written between 2003-2010 and they are a mix of different feelings and different music styles. There is everything from Blues to Reggae. I more or less spent 4 months in a basement and played whatever came up in my head. I recorded over 50 own songs with everything from love songs to children lullabies and rock n roll. Most of it is recorded directly into the microphones and the studio. I want the music to feel alive...

Music background:

I started dancing at a really young age and was already as a 7 year old really into music. My first big idols were the Beach boys! They are probably the biggest reason for my surf and music addiction today. I took some piano lessons when I was around 9-10 years old but never really liked it because of my teacher, so I quit. I just started from the beginning the fall of 2009 to practice the piano and I still practice almost everyday.

I didn't really pick up singing until I was around 16. I had a small role in the musical "Guys and Dolls" at the Varberg theatre. I was just lucky to have the privilege of being around great singers in my late teens as I did in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Hair".

First time I picked up a guitar was also in my late teens. I think I was 17. Since then I've written way over 150 songs and recorded around 60 of them. I also got around 50 new songs recorded in my studio.


Tangled up in Blue Records is a tiny music company / record label / studio.

The studio I've build up is made for home and mobile recording. That way I can get a bigger range of musicians and always be able to record something if a new song pops up in my head.

I just want to write songs, melodies and then play them the way I want them to be.... And hopefully someone will like them and understand them the way I do..

Now I got 1 official album out, called "Songs from a Basement" and a few more are in the making, including a Reggae album, a Swedish children album and a Folk album.

Johan plays 2-3/week in the afternoon on the waterside promenade of Corralejo between the restaurant Cordon Blue and Hoplaco.


Hobbies: Skateboarding, travelling, Whisky, juggling, dancing, relaxing, watching sunsets and explore.

Life Style: Music, Love and Surfing

Favorite book: The Little Prince

Favorite 3 albums: Five Leaves left (Nick Drake), Odysey and oracle (The Zombies), The Doors (The Doors)

Strange facts: Used to do a lot of dancing competitions during all my

years as a teenager then changed dancing to surfing and was in the

Swedish national Surfing team 2003 and 2007.

Music style: Folk, Singer songwriter, rock, blues, reggae, punk and pop. Everything non electronic more or less.

Favourite Quote:

Once an old man said :

" Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. "

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