fotO_perfil_FILTROJosé Losada.

José Losada came on to Fuerteventura in 2008 from mainland Spain. The hairdresser immediately was caught by the dramatic and spectacular scenes that Fuerteventura offered: the west coast, the beaches, sunset, the "malpais" and the abundant volcanoes. He was fascinated by the vast variety of colours of the beaches and started to collect sand. Some sand types are the most white on the entire Canary Islands, some are pitch-black with a blue hue and some even have a golden colour.




Most sand types are a combination of these, resulting in endless variations of colour. Before using the collected sand he filters it coarsely and washes it to get rid of impurities and salt. Once thoroughly dried, José sifts the same type of sand to get different grain sizes per colour to be able to play with texture. After filtering, washing, sun drying and sifting the sand is ready for use on canvas. First José draws a picture on canvas and then he chooses the types of sand according to the subject and the impressions he got. The sand is then mixed with a special mixture of glues to avoid cracks during the drying process.

José only uses natural sand of Fuerteventura beaches without adding any pigment and in this way his art represents at full the natural colours of Fuerteventura. He collects his themes and pictures whilst driving or walking around Fuerteventura and pays attention that his subjects are picturing typical scenes from Fuerteventura.

In short, a "Losada" is a piece of art that couldn't be more authentic to Fuerteventura.

José has presented his work with success in many local exhibitions.