Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Recipe - Sauce “Irene”

DSCF1134This sauce is an easy-to-make one that fits very well to different kinds of dishes: just with pasta, with white fish or poultry, or as basis for vegetarian food. It also may be used as sauce for the more festive “Lobster dishes”.

Ingredients (4 P):
1 stem leek
4 stems celery
150g Soy bean sprouts
Olive oil
Cream (or Soy milk)
Soy bean sauce (spicy)
Pasta: any type, but preferentially long.
White fish: cola de Rape, fillets of Gallo, Barracuda: bake the fish till crispy outer. Serve it separately with puree or rice.
Poultry: breasts; bake the poultry till crispy outer. Serve it separately with puree or rice.
Vegetarian: any vegetable to your liking.
Cut the leek and celery into small pieces and cook them gently in a pan with 5 spoons of olive oil till tender. Add 0,25l cream (*) and the soy bean sprouts. (**). Allow to cook gently for 10-15 mins. Add soy bean sauce and curry to taste.
(*) for vegetarians: replace the cream with Soy milk. Add 100g oyster mushrooms, previously baked to crispy in herbal butter.
(**) for pasta dish: add 1-2 tins of tuna
(**) for white fish and poultry: Add 0,5-1 glass of dry white wine.
Attention: do NOT add any salt! The leek and celery contain enough of it and any further addition will kill its subtle taste. Enjoy your meal!