Festive Menu Recipe (4p)

Avocado-GambasFor the upcoming festive period we decided to try out a full menu that is very tasteful but not too demanding, neither on the person behind the pans nor on your bank account.

Avocado with Prawns.


3 ripe Avocados

500g Prawns

2 Tps fresh lemon juice

2 Tps cream

1 pack of fresh mint

2 Tps shredded mint leaves

1 Tps Sesame oil

Cut the avocados in two halves, take out the stone and scoop the fruit content to mix it with the lemon, cream, mint and sesame oil to become a paste. Keep the avocado shells for later filling. Fry the prawns in hot olive oil with coarse sea salt. Intermingle the warm prawns (keep 3 Prawns aside for decoration) with the paste, put a couple of mint leaves on the bottom of the avocado shells and fill them up with the paste. Add the 3 prawns on top of the filled avocado shells. Decorate the paste with a couple of mint leaves. Present the avocados on a bed of lettuce or a colourful vegetable.


White Fish with marinated Cabbage and mint Rice.

Marinated Cabbage.


1,5kg Cabbage

50ml Goat Milk Liquor or Baileys

2 Tps Olive Oil

Sauce Béchamel. (or if you prefer make up from a packet)


1 Tbs flour

1 Tbs butter

300ml vegetable broth


Mint rice.


2 pouches of Basmati rice

10 mint leaves

Sauce Béchamel

White Fish.


1kg fresh white fish fillets



Marinated Cabbage: Cut the cabbage into fine parts and fry slowly with olive oil for 20 min. Add half of the liquor to the cabbage and allow to cook very slowly for 30 min. Add now the rest of the liquor and add sea salt according to taste.

Béchamel: Melt the butter in a pan, add the flour and stir till you get a foam. Add the broth and allow to simmer for a short period. Add salt & pepper according to taste.

Mint Rice: Boil the rice "al dente". Add to the boiled rice the cut mint leaves and 100ml sauce Béchamel, mix gently and allow to rest for 10 min.

White Fish: Cut the fish fillets into portions of 15 x 10 cm and turn them in the flour. Add 2Tbs olive oil in a pan, allow to heat well and add the fish. Fry for 5 min for each side till a golden crust. Add salt & pepper according to taste.

Serve the rice, then the cabbage and last the fish on a warm plate. Add some sauce to the fish and decorate with lemon cuts and some mint leaves.

Nectarine-DreamNectarine Dream.


250g Mascarpone

200g sour cream

200g cream

300g Nectarines

100g Almonds

4 Ts lemon juice

5 Ts sugar

Stir the Mascarpone, sour cream, lemon juice and sugar to a mix. Whip the cream to stiff and then gently intermingle it in the mix. Divide this mix into a bowl per person and allow to rest in the fridge. Peel the Nectarines, remove the stone and mix to a puree. Add sugar or honey according to taste. Pour the puree on top of the cooled mix, shortly before serving. Roast the almonds short in a pan without butter or oil and add them on top of the puree.