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Entering your new home or wanting to change the looks of it without spending too much? Maybe a new wall decoration can do wonders. Here are some ideas:

Glicée print.

A glicée print is a printed copy of an original artwork that generally is signed, has the same looks as the original, but is a lot cheaper. The print quality is good, the colours are stable to light and the finishing is to standard.

Metal framework.

Iron-monger book racks, whether they are modern or rustic, can add an interesting twist to your room. Generally, they do well with all colours and textures of the room.


A mirror is a smart way to optically enlarge your room, as it adds light to the room. You may choose from an antique to a modern, glossy design and from different types and colours of glass.

Wall chandlers.

Wall chandlers provide intimacy and romance. To add some glamour, one may hang some pearl chains on the base of the chandler. And you may decorate them for special occasions.

Photo collection.

Since digital photographing became popular, printing of pictures became a bit lost. Why not make a collection of your best pictures and hang it against the wall? You may choose one frame that holds all of them or you may go for clustering several frames. Your taste and the size of the wall are the only parameters.

For sure at least one of these items will trigger your curiosity and will lead you to the shop that can provide you with a lot of objects to choose from. Enjoy the moments.