Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Saskia is making babies!!!

31_HAPY_PLANTSAlmost everyone who lives on the island knows about Happy Plants and their beautiful plants, trees and cacti that are being taken care of with love and dedication.
But… Happy Plants recently became a nursery to many plants as Saskia is growing her own generation now.

31_HAPY_PLANTSABAJOAfter many years of research with plants that do well in Fuerteventura (soil, wind, water & salt) Happy Plants will have new exciting plants for sale (not seen in Fuerteventura yet) in the coming months and years.
Some of the plants Saskia is growing are: Acacia podalyrifolia  (Blue Acacia), Adansonia digitata (Baobab), Callistemon viminalis (Wheeping bottlebrush), Capsicum Sp. (Pepperplants, many different ones), Psidium Sp. (Guayabo, many different ones), Ipomoea Sp. (some different types), Aloe Sp. (New Aloe Trees & plants), Passiflor Sp. (Passion-fruit some different ones). These are just a few of the plants that Saskia is growing; the list is a lot longer!