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Living outside has become a separate culture that thrives on its own. As a result to that, outdoor furniture has shown a revolution – in style, in materials, in colours and in applications. Today total furnishing for outdoor living has become the newest trend.

The continuity of the indoor experience into the sensation that can be experienced outside is the focus of this new trend. Dining room, living room and kitchen are seeking new horizons that can be found in a garden. It results in a total concept with attention for furniture, lighting and decoration. The boundaries of style for inside and outside use are becoming vague. Much outdoor furniture today could also be used inside.


Create your own outside living room.

An outside living room consist of combinations of furniture that result in an organic and functional play between its components. You can choose between seating groups or –islands and even go for complete outside dining rooms. Important is to focus on the essence of lines and style and allow a chilled out atmosphere. Use a lot of pillows to accentuate this feeling.



The design of the latest sunscreens imitates that of the para-gliders. It is top quality in functionality and aesthetics and available in a square or round shape and in different sizes.

For those that prefer a gazebo you can order all models and sizes, even those that fit around a Spa.


Garden lights.

Add light to your garden: the newest in garden lighting are LED lights. They have a high yield, are low in consumption and have a long life. They work with the safe tension of 12V, now a standard in garden lighting.


Outside cooking.

When sitting outside and enjoying the “ambiente” of good company, furniture and drinks, the last thing you want is to go inside to prepare a meal. You can start digging up your bag of charcoal, put it to fire and then watch your food constantly to avoid that it burns and turns itself to some more charcoal… or you can play around with a decent outdoor kitchen that allows you and your friends to prepare succulent dishes in a relaxed way. It’s all part of quality of life… at affordable cost.


Relaxing in a Spa.

You can swim in the sea, but you can relax only in a Spa. Have you already figured out how much time you spend in a swimming pool? And how much time you spend in a Spa? If yes, well then calculate what’s the best return or value-for-money? A Spa is a lot cheaper, is easy to install, light to maintain and it is for all ages. And it is a lot more relaxing. In your Spa you can do nothing and chill out, read a book, have a drink, have a conversation or listen to your favourite music.



Gas-operated BBQ’s on the raise.


Nothing better than having a BBQ on a warm evening. And more and more people choose for a gas-operating system. Another trend is to use the BBQ not only for grilling the meat or fish, but to prepare an entire menu. Thus the equipment really has to be able to cope with all kinds of dishes…and it must have a nice look.

The terrace promoted to a second “living space”, an addition to the standard “living room”, inside. And all outside furniture is chosen to match the overall style of the house. And so is the BBQ: nowadays you can get all kinds of shapes and colours. The aesthetic criteria of a BBQ become important, next to being multifunctional. The owner wants to prepare starters, main courses and desserts on it.

Equipment that can be covered with a lid are to be preferred; the lid gives an effect of an oven and the BBQ can be protected from dust when stored.

Prices vary from about 500,- to even 7.000,- Euro when you go for very exclusive designs.