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Home & Property - Fuerteventura: Garden - Garden Grass Canarias

FOTO_GARDEN_PAG_48Boretti semi-professional outdoor kitchens.

The time of fussing around on a charcoal-heated BBQ is over. Boretti, an Italian based company and represented here by GGC, offers a completely new style of home-cooking: semi-professional outdoor kitchens with an impressive Italian design. Their innovation is the Fry-Top facility that allows perfect and easy cooking without using pots & pans. The Fry-Top cooking plate is made out of 8mm solid steel and allows equal distribution of the heat and healthy cooking with only a couple drops of oil.

FLYER_PAG_18All Boretti kitchen elements are made out the best materials (and delivered with a cover) that will last for years of pleasure. Imagine yourself cooking outside close to your guests, instead of preparing food inside your kitchen. You might invite them to participate… what a different atmosphere…

Garden Grass Canarias (GGC), besides landscaping and garden construction, also offers the best value-for-money on artificial grass that will stay for many years and without any maintenance. For more information, and best offers please call
Roland on 696 826 654.



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