What if?

Some time ago during this year, I was overlooking the most significant events of the last couple of months and wondered what would be the meaning of them. Would they just be randomly produced as components of a mathematical probability, or would they be "organised" as part of a "higher plan" in order to invite us to re-think about and re-act on our "proven" concepts?  With "higher plan" I do not necessarily mean the standard idea of a Higher Force, but merely the creation of situations by our actual behaviour that make those events almost unavoidable.

Like a situation that is created by a bold artist who walks on a tight rope when gales are whipping around him. Although he succeeded many times to resist the unpredictable gusts and now falls down, could it be part of a "higher plan" that invites him to readjust his judgements or would it only be a stupid accident to be expected and life just goes on as before? Do humans analyse those events they are witnessing and will they learn from them or don't they and do they just keep on going? What would be the sense of life if we wouldn't be learning from it and adjust our behaviour? And, in fact, what means "learning from life"? And what means the "sense of life"? Many people don't have an answer to these questions and therefore choose to keep their thoughts quite superficial. Something in the way of: "Well, I don't know why we are here on this globe - maybe through a coincidence by nature or by an Act of the Highest - but I surely gonna make the best out of it". And when you ask these people about what they mean by "making the best out of it", many will answer: having a job, finding a partner, creating a family, spending quality time with family and friends, make some extras to buy what one likes, etc. So enjoying life becomes the highest and unique goal for them. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is more.

But what are our plans and how do we behave when things aren't so shiny and flashy as we expected? What goes around in our mind and heart when we are confronted with bad news, shocking events and devastating situations - even if they happen in remote and far-away places like we all witnessed this year? Do we accept them as a way to really learn from it so that we get in a "higher human state" or do we classify them only as an accident, make some minor adjustments and go on with our lives? According to most Western concepts a human being consists of body, mind and feelings. The first two components are self-explanatory and the latter one is about the self-feeling and the emotions that one has or can have towards the surrounding area. But, dear reader, there is more... a lot more.

What if there also is something that always has been a part of any creature that has lived since the creation of life and maybe even before? Something that represents the real meaning of life and about which humans slowly become aware thanks to their consciousness. An awareness of "connectedness" to anybody and anything. What if there is a kind of "energy field" - some call it a spirit or a soul - for each living organism which objective it is to evolve to a higher level through the experience of this living organism? Why should humans - as they are today - be the only purpose and endpoint of evolution? Why cannot humans be the carrier for and evolve to a higher level of "energy", like once our monkey ancestors were the carrier for a higher level of energy - our consciousness? What if we are an intermediate on the road of evolution towards "spiritual beings", meaning creatures who really are connected to and in harmony with their environment and who really act respectfully to the only and non-interchangeable home we have: Earth.

We still are far from the above mentioned behaviour and although we might think that the human race is here to stay for ever, on the geologic time scale of our home planet, we're only here since a couple of minutes...

We should become aware that the Earth is not our property - we're just trespassing, and only for a very short period.