LOVE in ACTION Weekend in La Pared | Spirit 19

1The OSHO Humaniversity and Maya Widmaier, the founder of the “OSHO Love Meditation Retreat Centre La Ventana” in La Pared organised together an intense meditation weekend with Veeresh.

The OSHO Humaniversity meditation sessions focus on the discovery and development of love for your environment, for people around you and for yourself. The exercises make you feel that we all are connected to each other, that love is the binding element and that the inevitable outcome of all this is true friendship: friendliness to whom- or whatsoever you come in contact with.

The methods that are used are in fact simple: gentle and energetic dancing, breathing exercises, meditation, emotional communication and a lot of hugging.

The prolonged dancing will relieve your body from tension; the deep and soft breathing will lead to relaxation and will silence the buzzing activity of your mind… Your body and feelings get room for expression and your mind – for a change – will become more and more silent. Getting in touch with your real emotions will help to restore physical and emotional imbalance and help you to become a more fulfilled person. It will make you aware of your real positive potential as a human being and it will create the basis for true love and respect.

The workshop was led by Veeresh Yuson. Veeresh is the founder and President of the Osho Humaniversity, a personal growth and training centre outside of Amsterdam, Holland. He has more than 40 years experience in working with people and is known for his wisdom, humor and deep compassion. (

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Thank you for coming into my life. I have done so many sessions in the past, but this time I have the feeling that the coin has dropped. Yahoo!!! (Eu.)


First I want to thank you! The workshop has been an amazing experience: I started to let go, to relax and to be more open with other people. (Kh.)


Thank you for this weekend. It was my first experience in meditation. It’s great! I noticed here how much love I have in my body, in my relationship, in daily life. And it was great to feel the loving relationship with my still unborn baby, especially during the dance. I have new inspirations for my life. I want to show the love to my friends and to my family. Thank you all. (Kathleen) (Ka.)


Thank you Veeresh and your team for coming to Fuerteventura. The workshop has been a wonderful experience for me and it has taught me so much about myself. Please visit again soon. I love you all. (Ro.)


Thank you for all inspirations. Thank you for holding me. Thank you for dancing with me. Thank you for laughing with me. Thank you for being with me. Thank you that I could be myself with you. Thank you for your trust. In love. (Sa.)


Dear Veeresh, it is so great for me to meet you and your team; it was a very special experience for me. Many thanks for the beautiful workshop. The greatest experience for me is that I can feel myself. Thank you so much! In love. (Ir.)


What a beautiful and impressive experience! To be able to peel off your emotional harness – layer by layer like an onion – so that you get the opportunity to feel the human warmth that you originally have, but that you may have covered during your path of life. No mystics, no magic, but just the true and only source of humanity: Love. And to be able to share this precious good makes you feel even better. (Mi.)