Conditioning and Health

In the following article, we try to demonstrate how and why our mind and its conditioning are affecting our general health and wellbeing. And how we can escape from its eventual negative influences.

A couple of years ago a scientist called Herbet Specter from the National Institute of Health carried out the following experiment: one population of mice was administered a chemical Poly-A-c, that strengthens their immune system. At the same time he exposed the mice to the smell of Camphor, another chemical. After a while, the mice were stimulating their immune system when they smelled Camphor. Another population of mice was administered the chemical Cyclophosphamide, that destroys the immune system. At the same time he exposed these mice to the smell of Camphor. After a while these mice started to destroy their immune system when they smelled camphor. He now had 2 groups of mice: one group smells camphor and stimulates their immune system and the other group smell camphor and destroys their immune system.

Both groups were then administered the same amount of a carcinogen and  - guess what – only the group that was programmed to destroy their immune system died after a couple of weeks; the other group didn’t even get ill!

The same test was done with the administration of Pneumococs. Only the group that was programmed to destroy their immune system died from lung infection.

So, the only difference is to be found in the interpretation of the memory about the smell of Camphor.

The same mechanism applies to us, human beings. We are exposed to certain memories, we connect them to certain stimuli and we induce the same reactions time for time. We become victims of our memories and the tragedy is that our demon of today is our memory about yesterday!

We have about 60.000 thoughts a day, but about 95% of these are identical to those of yesterday. We are literally bundles of conditioned reflexes that constantly are reacting to people and circumstances through predictable biochemical reactions and behavioural patterns. If our body is changing that much – a complete change in 2 1/2 years, as we have described it in our previous articles – why are we then still suffering from arthritis? Why is the cancer still there? Why is this artery still blocked? Because you still are using the same Quantum flows and patterns that are responsible for the present situation. Imagine that you could exchange once in a year each brick in a house. But because you are trapped in the assumption that the present form is the only possible form, you always will end up building the same house, even with its failures.

The following experiment was conducted from the University of Miami and published in the “Journal of Paediatrics of Florida”: newborn babies were divided into two groups: one group was held in their beds that were provided with openings on the side through which the scientists were administering hugs for 6 minutes, 3 times a day. The other group of babies were not given these hugs. The official scientific denomination for this action was called “Kinesthetic – Tactile – Petting – Stimulation”. We would call this “Love”. Both groups were give the same type and amount of food. The astonishing result of the experiment was that those babies who benefited from the regular hugs gained 40-50% more weight than those who were deprived.

Recently the Massachusetts Health Dept. carried out another study about the risk factors of heart diseases like Cholesterol, Blood hypertension, Diabetes, etc… The reason for this study was that the statistics of the previous studies all showed that the people who suffered from a heart failure between their 40 – 50th birthdays did not have any of these risk factors in a statistically significant way! So, what were the causes?

Their findings were: Number 1 risk factor is in-satisfaction about their job. Number 2 risk factor is internal dissatisfaction (general unhappiness).

Another surprising finding of this study is that in the western world most people die of heart failure on a Monday between 8 - 9am! This is amazing, shocking and unique! Only mankind can show this behaviour as it is the only species that knows about Monday and Tuesday. And what is the difference? An idea, a concept, an interpretation! We pass on many hidden or trivial elements and concepts onto our body and condition it in this way. Even the concept of time. Please read about this dramatic example: a couple of years ago, a group of 7 German mineworkers were trapped in a collapsed mine track. Only one of them had a watch. In order not to discourage his mates he told them every 2 hours that one hour passed. After one week all of them were rescued alive…except the one with the watch! Although he was able to modify the collective subjective time experience, he couldn’t fool himself. He was (too) intimately focused on his watch. Time is a concept, not the reality. And this concept – like many others – are conditioning us constantly and do have a measurable effect on our health. Up to us to – slowly but steadily – evolve to a truly conscious being that is able to free him/her self from daily conditioned behaviour. Let’s make that small step that will become a giant leap to us and mankind, like our ancestors did when they evolved from humanoids towards human beings.

Michel Robeers