The Human Body

In our previous article “The Real Material World” we invited the reader to get rid of “the conditioned consciousness” in order to be able to explore new ways to experience life. In this article, we will try to provide the reader some refreshing insights about our own body, its functioning and how to get in harmony with it.

Our body is believed to consist of molecules – matter – that swirls around due to an unknown cause! And that the outcome of this is our consciousness! Meaningful thoughts, feelings, desires, emotions, passion, love, hate, sin, enlightenment, etc all are a result of bumping molecules. Everything seems to be a staggering waltz of molecules!

Our body consists of 70 to 80 billion cells and all of them are constantly busy in their specific domain. This results in 100.000 bio-chemical reactions in our body per second! Did you know that our body produces 20 million blood cells per minute? And that it produces 50 million cells per second? Our brain processes 40 billion info-bits per second and our consciousness is registering only 2000 info-bits per second. We do have about 60.000 thoughts per day and of only 2.000 of them we are conscious about.

And you still think about your body as a static or a slowly evolving entity? Well please change your opinion about it, because your body is a swirling soup of energy and matter! It renews itself constantly and with a dramatic pace: every 6 weeks a new liver, every 3 months a new skeleton, every month a new skin and every 5 days a new stomach inner lining!!! Your body has completely renewed itself in 2 1/2 years till the last atom!!! And the building blocks for that new body come from our environment and we exchange them by breathing, eating, drinking, absorbing, our metabolism and excretion. With each breath we exchange 10 to the 22 atoms! That’s a 10 with 22 zeros! And what we exhale does come from residues from our body cells and will be inhaled by another living creature, thus we interchange our organs in a direct and intimate way!

All these processes result in a harmonic energy field. Imbalances in this field will show themselves - sooner or later - as a disease. Our materialistic approach of our world has led us believe that we can solve these diseases with chemicals. And, yes, when we take these chemicals most of the diseases disappear. But did we really solve the problem or did we only mask the symptoms of the disease and is the imbalance still there? We can correct the disease mechanism, but failing to cure the imbalance in our energy field will allow the problem to present itself in another – mostly in a more severe way.

But how to trace imbalances in your energy field? And how to heal them?

Please do regard your body as a river. From afar it is a static element in the environment, but when you have a closer look you will see it as a moving element that constantly interchanges energy and information with its environment. A river never is the same in time; so is your body. Both are in constant renewal and both are part of and do interact with the environment.

This knowledge is one of the basic conditions for healing. Another basic condition is to make time to listen to your body… in tranquillity, serenity and love. Love for yourself; for your body, for your spirit and for your soul. No chemical will give this to you, no drink, no food, and no TV show. Only you are at the steering wheel of your own being and well-being. Allow yourself time to look inside of you instead of wondering how you can fit in the environment. Become in harmony with yourself and with your environment by looking at it as a unity. You are part of the environment and the environment is part of you. Both flow into each other.

There are several ways to create an optimal platform to find yourself as a being. But all do have one thing in common: allow to be one with yourself, listen to yourself and respect yourself. One way is meditation. Meditation is not some strange thing from ancient or foreign cultures, but a way to take time for yourself. Indeed, it did not originate from our western culture as such, but it was practised in a similar way by our distant ancestors who were a lot closer to the elements and to the environment than we are today. During our process of “civilisation” we replaced these practices with “scientific” and “high-tech” alternatives.

It is up to us to retrieve this old kind of knowledge, harmony and self respect.

Michel Robeers