tomatoes for the brain

Lycopene: tomatoes for the brain.

Antioxidant against radicals.

Tomatoes are considered a miracle weapon against all kinds of harmful influences on our body, from skin aging to cancer. We have long known that fresh fruit and vegetables are at the top of the scale of good things for us. One of the top places is occupied by a mixture, a so-called fruit vegetable...

People who eat tomatoes regularly have a lower risk of brain haemorrhages. According to various studies, this is due to their high lycopene content, an antioxidant from the carotenoid family. It is considered a catcher of harmful free radicals in the human body.
The university in Kuopio, Finland, tested the blood of more than 1,000 men over 45 for the presence of the antioxidant. The research suggests that particularly high lycopene levels reduce the likelihood of a brain attack. The researchers thus declare lycopene to be one of the most effective antioxidants.
Tomatoes, watermelons, papaya and rose hips are the winners among fresh foods with a very high lycopene content. The redder and riper the fruit, the higher the concentration. Tinned tomatoes and tomato paste also have a very high concentration of lycopene, because the processed fruits are harvested only when ripe. On the other hand, the cooking process releases lycopene from the plant cells, making it more readily available. The human body absorbs the radical scavenger best in combination with fat.

Note: tomatoes from Fuerteventura have, besides their high Lycopene content, one of the richest tastes of all tomatoes and are very popular with high-ranked chefs.

(Edited from article by Heike Bludau)

Michel Robeers