The bear art book by Dieter Noss

Dieter Noss' bear art book contains wonderful art quotations from the great masters and in some of their famous works of art, from Picasso to Keith Heering, he has lovingly and harmoniously integrated his favourite animal - the bear.

Few people know that one of the most successful and creative Munich artists - Dieter Noss - has had a large studio on Lanzarote for decades and regularly paints and designs there. The Noss studio is located - very visible - in the small village of Las Brenas, right next to the main road. By the way, it is open to the public every day and worth seeing, but really only for art lovers, because there you are practically surrounded by thousands of his project designs and sculptures like nowhere else on the islands.
Noss used to work for the film and advertising industry in Hamburg and Munich. He played Martin alongside Iris Berben in Klaus Lemke's RAF classic "Die Brandstifter" and still appears regularly in the credits of some films, such as in "Excalibur", for which he designed the film poster, or in the new Klaus Lemke films.
Besides Cesar Manrique, Noss was the real promotion man of Lanzarote - at least for Germans in the seventies and eighties.
Now the art workoholic has delivered a masterpiece that spans generations. Even before the Corona crisis his large-format bear art book was published in Munich. Wonderful art quotations and in well-known works of art by the great masters - from Picasso to Keith Heering - he has integrated his favourite animal. Often intimate, striking and sometimes cleverly hidden, but always as if the great masters had made it themselves. Perfectly designed and staged. A must for all art schools - and an up-to-date art encyclopaedia with wit and charm - "Made by Noss in Munich and on Lanzarote". And if there was an art Oscar, this work deserves it and will certainly cause a sensation.

The graphics and layout were created by the equally award-winning Munich designer Tom Berner.
Purchase price Euro 53,- can be ordered directly from the artist:

Carl Lang
Journalist for film and architecture in the Canary Islands