Finca Verdeaurora

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On the Finca Verdeaurora we are committed to ecology since 7 years, the moment that Luis Mesa – the owner – decided to plant 400 olive trees with the goal to become the first producer of ecological olive oil of Fuerteventura. This oil stands out by its exquisite taste and aroma, thanks to our full control of the entire process: care taking of the trees and their fruits, harvesting, processing (we have an ecology-certified press), and the bottling. We have the European and Canarian certificates for ecologic farming.

LuisAdditionally to the many properties of the olive oil for interior body health, it has proven benefits for skin care. We therefore decided to combine it with Aloe Vera, resulting in natural products with an increased value to skin care.

- Star watching: stars at your fingertips in Finca Verdeaurora

- Bird watching: if you love bird watching, then this is your place-to-be

- Hiking: from the Finca Verdeaurora you can start hiking in the protected natural areas

- Casas Rurales: live the experience of total disconnection in one of our lodges with a private pool

Located in Tenicosquey (see Fuerteventura Map inside)

Open: 10am – 6am (closed on Tue & Thu)

Tel.: +34 659 610 844