Typical products that you should try.

TOMATE-FUERTETomatoes were cultivated on industrial level as from 1927, mainly around Antigua and Tiscamanita. The tomatoes from this island are considered to among the most flavoursome in Europe and used in many renowned restaurants on the continent.

Livestock is mainly represented by goats that thrive almost anywhere. They are held in high esteem for their milk which is the basis for the famous local goat cheese "Queso Majorero". It is an absolute must to try out this cheese. The quality is excellent and even meets world standards. Proof of this are the many international awards and the officially recognised label “Queso Majorero”. timthumbThere are 3 major classifications: “Tierno” (soft), “Semi-curado” (medium-aged) and “Curado” (aged). The taste of the “Tierno” is very soft and enjoyable – even to kids – and certainly not what you expect from a standard goat cheese like at home. Please do yourself a favour and try them all, beginning with the “Tierno”. There are also variations with peppers, Gofio, oil, etc.

Fuerteventura_Aloe_VeraAloe Vera from Fuerteventura is one of the best of its kind. Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera with supreme quality of the end product. But it takes at least 4 years of irrigation before the plant starts to produce its valuable components in sufficient amounts. Look for local products with a high concentration and vending places that offer you information about the plants. Don't go for the cheap stuff.

ak7uheLocal fish from Fuerteventura is a great opportunity to enjoy absolutely fresh and tasty fish. Try out a fish platter so that you can discover what kind of fish you prefer and go for the "big one" at the next occasion. The ultimate dish is a "Pescado a la Sal" for min 2 people: fresh fish gently cooked in his own juice in a crust of salt, but previous booking is recommended.

PAPA-ARRUGADAPapas arrugadas are wrinkled potatoes, a local speciality to accompany fish or meat dishes. You eat them with the skin.

Salsa Mojo is a mixture of olive oil, parsley, dried peppers and a lot of garlic. If it is too strong for you, then scoop of the oil and spread the oil onto your bread.

Tapas are small dishes to share or to eat alone. In this way you can have the pleasure of tasting several preparations without stressing your wallet.