Fuerteventura South - Beaches

Fuerteventura is famous for its beaches and as mentioned before in all there are approx 152. Apart from those that are directly accessible by foot from your hotel you will find that most are deserted from people and devoid of the usual rows of deckchairs and umbrellas. On these beaches you have the pleasure of choosing your own secluded spot and that it will remain yours for as long as you are there.

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Fuerteventura South - Culture

For those who want to learn more about the locals and their culture, we supply below a list of the most important sources of information, like museums and monuments:

Los Molinos – Tiscamanita:
a historic review on what was used as milling components.
La Atalayita – Pozo Negro: reconstruction of one of the first settlements on Fuerteventura. Impressive how these people could survive in such harsh conditions.

Morro Jable Harbour
– Turtle breeding station: watch the turtle babies being cared for by locals till they can face the “world outside”.

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