Fuerteventura North - Nature

Fuerteventura North - Nature

Chilling out on Fuerteventura’s beaches is a marvellous experience, but if you may feel the need to visit some nice spots in nature, then the suggestions below can help you in making a selection.

Corralejo – Natural Park “Dunas de Corralejo”: majestic dunes of fine white sand at the south of Corralejo and that are adjacent to the east coast. Preferred time of visiting is early in the morning (sun rise), later in the afternoon when it is cooler or in the evening at sunset.

Lobos – Natural Park “Island Lobos”: find yourself in the middle of a Martian landscape with superb views to Corralejo and Lanzarote. For nature lovers this little island has over 100 indigenous plants and well signposted tracks will lead you to magical spots. Enjoy the simple but delicious dishes in the only local restaurant and have a refreshing swim in the turquoise-coloured waters of La Concha beach nearby the tiny harbour. Boats leave from Corralejo harbour for the island.

Lajares – Volcano “Bayuyo”: early-morning walk to the top of a local volcano crater and superb views over the North of the island.

Lajares – Volcano “Hondo” – North of Lajares: school example for a volcano. It is perfectly round and has a depth of only 75m.

El Cotillo – Lagoons: one of the best places in the North to enjoy sunset.

Tindaya – Mountain “Tindaya”: guided 1,5h ascent on this sacred mountain to witness the ancient engravings and to enjoy the breathtaking views over half of the island. Approval from the La Oliva town hall required!

La Matilla – Mountain “La Muda”: a 1,5h ascent on the mountain that has 3 wells to supply water to the local goats. Enjoy the magnificent geography and superb views over the North of Fuerteventura.

Villaverde – Cueva del Llano: you can visit a 2 million year old lava tube, experience the absolute darkness and silence and learn about the small but unique spiders that live here.