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microchipcutIn many cases, they do enough - for bad or for good times. However, it's better to cry due to happiness.

The microchip, which is compulsory in Spain, is implanted under the pet's skin and is a tiny integrated circuit that contains a registration number to monitor data about dogs and cats and - more important - to get immediate data about the animal's and the owner's name, address, telephone, vaccinations, etc. These all are vital data when it comes to retrieve the owner of a lost pet.

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2The phrase “the union makes the strength” has been demonstrated to be true again with the organisation of the campaign against the abuse and abandon of animals, organised by Gabriella Cavalieri, active member of the Association of protection of animals and plants in Fuerteventura, OKAPI, in the Shopping Centre Atlantico, Castillo on the 02/10/10, director Michel Díaz, who kindly offered space in the premises, has helped OKAPI to spread out the message of love and respect to animals, together with the slogan of the Mayor of Antigua, Gustavo Berriel: “Dog without expiration date searches for owner without disposal date.” 

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Wo: Industriegebiet Risco Prieto, Puerto del Rosario. Ganz am Ende des Industriegebietes im S-W von Cash and Carry.

Besucherzeiten: alle Arbeitstage von 10:00 bis 12:00h

Tel.: 639 662 774


Location: Industrial Area Risco Prieto, Puerto del Rosario. At the very end of the ind. area, to the S-W of Cash and Carry.

Visiting Hours: workdays from 10:00 till 12:00h

Tel.: 639 662 774


Who: OKAPI /// What: Monthly handicraft & second hand market. /// Where: Plaza de la Paz (behind central church), Puerto del Rosario. /// When: 20/06 - 18/07 - 19/09 - 17/10 - 21/11 - 19/12 /// Fee: Sellers: 6,-€/stand; entrance: free. /// No commercial sellers allowed. ///

Info: 650 160 018 or 639 662 774.





Extra Info: New bus stop at the commercial centre, Parque Holandés!!!

Who: OKAPI /// What: Monthly handicraft & second hand market. /// Where: Parque Holandés. /// When: 13/06 - 11/07 - 12/09 - 10/10 - 14/11 - 12/12 /// Fee: Sellers: 6,-€/stand; entrance: free. /// No commercial sellers allowed. ///

Info: 650 160 018 or 639 662 774.




Paloma-1Since May 2010 OKAPI is facing a major rescue project that includes the saving of about 80 dogs. Most of them were living in caves and were completely exhausted. Some dogs were even pregnant. When we took out the future mother, Paloma, from a dark cave and put her in a nice environment, we noticed that she was pregnant, but due to her miserable condition, we miscalculated the time of pregnancy. So, big surprise when only a couple of days later we were facing 3 pups..

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Foto PrincipalRecently OKAPI found on a finca around Majanicho, between heaps of waste, a bunch of animals like 74 dogs, 7 cats, goats, cheap, parrots, hens, turkeys and ferrets. The owner of the finca, Manolo, was happy to co-operate – as he did before when we went out to solve a problem – and an 8-step rescue plan was generated, together with “Twinkle Trust”.

The first action was at the end of April and included the castration of 7 cats with the help of “Twinkle Trust”, an association that is dedicated to the castration of wild cats.


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1Too weak to miau, the little kitten looked at me with eyes full of fear and clogged with pus from infection. A friendly local found the animal at night in a box on the street of Puerto del Rosario. A handful of tiny cat, not weighing more than 50gms and not older than 12 days! Eyes and nose clogged due to infection, hypothermic, exhausted. The vet didn’t give us much hope, but we were determined: we’re gonna go for it!!!


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I29_OKAPI_CASTRACIONARRIBAn September 2009 OKAPI organised a second cat castration campaign in the North of Fuerteventura whereby 232 cats were treated. During the January campaign in the South, 168 cats were treated. Altogether 400 cats!!! Focus is the castration, de-worming and de-bugging of wild and hotel cats. Ill cats will receive medical treatment.


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Call 639 662 774

{oziogallery 100549}

Call 639 662 774

You cannot beat something into a dog, but you can stroke a lot out of him. – Astrid Lindgren

No puedes hacer entender algo a la fuerza a un perro, pero lo puedes conseguir con tus caricias. – Astrid Lindgren

Man kann in einen Hund nichts hineinprügeln, aber man kann manches aus ihm herausstreicheln. – Astrid Lindgren.

Cats achieve easily something that humans fail to: go through life without making noise. – Ernest Hemingway

Los gatos consiguen fácilmente algo que los humanos nunca podrán: pasar por la vida sin hacer ruido. – Ernest Hemingway

Katzen erreichen mühelos, was uns Menschen versagt bleibt: durchs Leben gehen, ohne Lärm zu machen. – Ernest Hemingway.



bolsasThe Spirit of Fuerteventura Company S.C.P., publisher of the quarterly magazine “Spirit of Fuerteventura” is happy to announce the co-operation with OKAPI to distribute “Doggy Bags” to allow the owners of dogs to take their responsibility and pick up the droppings from their beloved pet. The bags will be for sale at a symbolic price and will help to support the efforts of OKAPI. These bags will be distributed by OKAPI and will be available at the following distribution points:


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SammyRolf and Monika Ahrens, their family and close friends, are sad to announce the decease of their loyal buddy “SAMMY”. He was rescued from the “Killing Fields” of Fuerteventura, with the help of OKAPI and TIERHILFE FUERTEVENTURA e.V. and lived happily for many years with people who loved him intensely. We won’t forget you!


OKAPI / Tierhilfe e.V.



MambaMamba, a female dog of the Samuyeda race, was very ill when she came to us, 8 months ago. She just stood there and shook her head. She couldn’t walk and sprung like a little rabbit. The day before she left us, she slowly walked with us and her buddies into the free nature that surrounds us, at Finca Esquinzo. We called her Snowflake because she could hug us so gently and she always was so friendly to us. She fought so bravely against her disease, showing her weakness, but at the same time also her strength. Let us hope that Rainer Rilkes is right when he said: “All who go in beauty will resurrect in beauty, one day.” Snowflake surely has deserved it.


OKAPI / Tierhilfe e.V.



heinerI was called by our vet in February of 2009 and she said that there was a cat trapped in a cellar. Nor the police, neither the firemen were prepared to free the poor animal, so I decided to meet up with the vet. When we arrived, we witnessed a devastating situation. The cat must have been trapped there for a while as she was skinny and totally without a fur. We organised a ladder and I managed to climb through a small window into an extremely dirty room.

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Apollo-1I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our wonderful dog Apollo. We both enjoy each others company and have a lot of fun. When the weather is fine he is out all day, pops in every 10 mins to see if we’re still there and licks our hands before he shoots off again. When the lady of the house leaves then he bays like a wolf and stays put at the gate till she returns… But then the excitement is enormous, even after only 2 mins of absence. A real buddy and his behaviour and dependence are amazing.


Sweet greetings from Büdingen

The family Kapitza


Babsi_20.02.09_017You never plan it, but there he/she is. A kitten or a puppy without mammy or owner, skinny and tired, they ask for food and drink. Most of the times, people tend to give bread and milk, but milk provokes cramps and diarrhoea – to dogs AND cats! The best is to give dry food which you can find in any supermarket and that can be softened with water. Please do not feed animals for a couple of weeks and then leave them behind. The OKAPI team will take care. Just ask the reception for the OKAPI telephone number and make a call, but be aware that they do not have a 24hour service.

PANJAU1...who took out 2 dogs from the “Killing Fields” of Fuerteventura.
Dear Tierhilfe Fuerteventura!

Thank you very much for your 2 lovely Bardinos Panja and Stano. If Panja wouldn’t have crossed my life a couple of years ago, I probably wouldn’t have noticed how little my understanding of dogs was and how conditioned and wrong my knowledge was! Thank you, Panja, for your habits, though not always easy to take!

They both trigger me to think and to learn and they guided me to my present job: dog trainer. It is fascinating to see how owner and dog grow towards a close team where the dog is not a “minor” element, but is being respected and cared for.

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