Beer Drinking & Driving

Spirit-logosoloBeer drinking & driving???

Try alcohol-free beer.

The difference?

It’s in the head…


Acid blocker: acid blockers are not a long-term solution.

How a short-term solution could become the main problem.

The so-called "acid blockers" help people with severe heartburn or duodenal ulcers. But how much of this can our body tolerate?

Abdominal fat: unhealthy belly fat.

The bigger the belly, the shorter the life.

Even though most fitness programs fight against the unattractive fat pads on the hips and bottom - a fat (and not beautiful) belly is much more dangerous for our health.

Rheumatism: the many faces of rheumatism.

Chronic pain in joints and bones.

In the morning "stiff joints" and actually always aching bones, muscles and tendons - in the vernacular it is usually simply called "I have rheumatism". Not only older people suffer from these complaints.

Body sweat: life saver and communicator.

Temperature regulation and body chemistry.

Our body has an amazing system for regulating its temperature, and its most important agent is sweat. Don't be annoyed by this quite natural body reaction, because it is not only vital but also a perfect means of communication!

Colorectal cancer screening: life-saving screening.

Control over intake and discharge: Food and colonoscopy.

Nobody likes to think about it and most of us keep putting off the medical examination. Of course it is a sensitive and intimate matter, but a colon cancer screening can be life-saving.

The gastrointestinal tract: the energy converter.

The exchange centre for food and poisons.

Our modern society is increasingly plagued by gastrointestinal complaints. They are caused by stress, lack of exercise, environmental influences and – of course – an unbalanced diet.

Muffin Tops: the “rolls” of mature life.

The body of its "over-40's"-owner says hello.

The summer brings it to light: "Muffin tops on stomach and hips"! Just a few years ago, you could keep the distribution of pounds in check by avoiding calory bombs and getting enough exercise. But now the "best age" look in the mirror reveals the unsparing truth: there is physical resistance!
An interview with doctor and scientist Dr. med. Ute Martens:

Losing weight without yo-yo effect: with intermittent fasting and the right fats.

Choose between the “16:8” or “2:5” intermittent fasting method and go for adapted food.

As soon as the warm season begins, a look in the full-body mirror becomes critical - and the trend towards fasting becomes popular again. Surprisingly, also some types of fat can help us in this process of getting slimmer...

Pure water in Fuerteventura - is demineralised water harmful?

The mineral balance of the human body.

Filtered, demineralised tap water using osmosis technology is still very popular with consumers in Fuerteventura. With this system you can eliminate the smallest amounts of minerals out of the de-salinated seawater and protect your coffee machine and boilers from fast corrosion. But how healthy or harmful is water without minerals for us?

Sunbathing on Fuerteventura: summer tan without worries.

Find a balance between UV-A and UV-B.

It is a sensitive topic: a dark summer tan vs. a healthy pallor separates the spirits. How much sun can a person tolerate and how dangerous are the rays really for our skin?

Vitamin D: The “sun” vitamin.

Vitamin-D Deficiency in the Canary Islands – also on Fuerteventura?

It is hard to believe, but an amazing number of people in the Canarian Islands suffer from vitamin D deficiency...


Angina: Summer, sun, vacation - sore throat?

Bacterial and viral infections of the throat.

Actually, it is thought that they occur mainly in the cool season - but it is amazing how often people get sore throats, especially during the summer and during their holiday on Fuerteventura.


Avoid holiday stress: Do it better!

Planning in everyday life and on your Fuerteventura holiday avoids stress.

Working overtime to finish the rest of the work before departure to Fuerteventura, quickly washing the last laundry, packing the suitcase, then taking care of the dog, cat, plants... - completely stressed you get into a rage at the smallest little thing. And all this only because you want to do everything before the (relaxing!) holiday. Do it better!

acupuncture 01

Acupuncture: the secret power of needlepricks.

Traditional and medical acupuncture.

If patients do not respond to conventional medical treatments or if all current options of conventional medicine are exhausted, a look at alternative methods can help...

tomatoes for the brain

Lycopene: tomatoes for the brain.

Antioxidant against radicals.

Tomatoes are considered a miracle weapon against all kinds of harmful influences on our body, from skin aging to cancer. We have long known that fresh fruit and vegetables are at the top of the scale of good things for us. One of the top places is occupied by a mixture, a so-called fruit vegetable...

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Immune System

Can an intact immune system also protect against major diseases?
The immune system, from the Latin “immunis” (i.e. untouched), is a highly complex system that plays a prominent role in our actually highly industrialised world, due to our exposure to massive amounts of synthetic chemicals since the industrial revolution.

(Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Aloe Vera Fresca

Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera with supreme quality of the end product. But it takes time.
It requires at least 4 years of irrigation before the plants starts to produce its valuable components in sufficient amounts.
You can learn more about high-quality Aloe Vera products in the Aloe Vera Info Centre. And they offer the best prices, directly from producer.
In the shop you can try out all products before purchase and acquire detailed info about them, without the obligation to buy.

The power of medicinal plants

stefan rodriguez bzSgdupS95U unsplash 300200 lowresMedicinal plants have been used since the origin of man to treat any type of disease. They contain active principles that are responsible for their healing power. Each plant has more than one property, which serves to treat several mismatches at the same time.

(Photo by Stefan Rodriguez on Unsplash)

Vegetarianism – Veganism

“An invitation to look over the fence”

Vegetarianism is a more natural life style. People eat food only of plant origin, and thus health benefits arise on all levels. Vegan people not only do not consume food of animal origin, but also do not use any by-product of animal origin like cloths, honey, fish products. They do not tolerate animal abuse, neither any kind of exploitation and they respect the environment. There are many sub groups in both identities, but for the purpose of this short article, we will stick to the two main groups.
In this article we will briefly highlight the health and wellbeing consequences of either choice. For more info, please consult your Naturopath or Therapist and specialised shops and literature.

Gofio – an old but healthy food component.

The roasted grain – Gofio – has its origin thousands of years ago. By roasting the grain before milling, one can destroy mould and mould toxins, allowing poorly stored grain still to be used. The flavour will improve because more complex sugars are being formed through the roasting process. Furthermore the higher roasting temperatures will partly break down starch and protein compounds and thus make it more digestible.

The Acid – Base balance in our body.

Our blood has a certain acid/base balanced level and this level in the plasma is expressed as a pH value. The normal range is 7,35 – 7,45. This difference in value might look small and thus unimportant, but our body is very sensitive to deviations of pH. Outside this narrow range of pH, proteins will denature, digested and enzymes will lose their function. Extreme deviations will even cause death.

Raw Food & Super-Foods.

What is Raw Food?
Raw Food plays an important role for a vegan-based diet that is using uncooked foodstuff which still contains all its original nutrients and enzymes. Regular intake of raw food is compulsory to create and maintain health and should be part of our daily diet. Raw Food also represents an attitude to life, which is respectful to animals and nature in general.
What 's the catch?
You will improve your energy and vitality level, balance out your weight, increase your mental strength and awareness, avoid illnesses in a more natural way, rejuvenate as it is a natural anti-aging component, improve the appearance of your skin and hair and you will improve your overall well being.

Fuerteventura: Honey.

Honey, the treasure of bees.

Do you know the benefits of bee honey? It supplies energy, soothes throat irritation, it quiets the cough and reduces fever. It will help to overcome infections thanks to its antiseptic properties and it will help you to cure gastric ulcers. It increases the intestinal flora and thus improves a healthy digestion and the immune system. It cures wounds and burns, speeds up the healing of the skin and it is an optimal conservation product.

Healthy Year

And here are some suggestions to get to it: after any party, celebration or heavy dinner: if you were a bit too enthusiastic with food, alcohol or sweets, then it is a good thing to alkalinise your blood and to cleanse your liver, intestines and the kidneys, organs that have the task to eliminate the toxins in your body.

Natural Products.

Good Health with natural Products.

In order to get or keep a good health in every aspect and to regenerate from the excesses of partying, one has to cleanse the body in a gentle and harmonic manner. Your body will be grateful.

We can use some fat burners to eliminate, or at least to reduce, the effects of rich food. If you exercise, then we recommend L. Carnitina due to its synergistic effect. If you don't, the African Mango will give excellent results, especially against belly fat. It is also satiating, will help to manage sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It will have a leverage effect together with green tea. Other effective fat burners are Chitosan that is highly recommended when eating out because it will capture the fats of the food, red tea, CLA, etc.


Evolution, Health and Synthetic Chemistry.

It took nature 4 billion years to come to an almost well-balanced equilibrium between all living organisms and their environment. More, all living organisms have been developed and thrive by the influence their environment is putting upon them. All living creatures – and in fact also non-living matter like minerals, etc – always have been and still will be influenced by chemicals from the environment. This interaction is the most fundamental and inevitable element in daily life and in the evolution of all – living creatures and non-living matter. Except cataclysmic events, all creatures – present and past – are the result of this slow-moving interaction that started some 4 billion years ago: Evolution by slow but steady interaction.
Only in the last 3 generations of human presence we succeeded to develop and proliferate tens of thousands of new chemicals into our environment that unavoidably will be absorbed by all living organisms, humans included.

Modern Industrial Food.

How to prevent its negative effects.
Bad and imbalanced nutrition behaviour with a high content in saturated fats, refined and industrially prepared products with lots of additives like preservatives, stabilizers and dyestuffs, can lead to long-term health problems. Equally stress, lack of movement, a high consumption of alcohol, tobacco, sugar, coffee, medicines, lack of quality sleep, radiation, etc will lead to premature ageing due to the generation of free radicals in our body.
What can we do about this?

Micro-immune therapy (MIT)

Micro-immune therapy (MIT) - a bridge between complementary and conventional medicine of the 21st century.

The MIT uses highly diluted immune specific substances - which are common to our own body - like Cytokines and specific nucleic acids, etc to communicate specific information to our immune system. In this way a defective immune system will be allowed to react efficiently and in a natural way upon a deficiency.
MIT not only is an innovative, side-effect-free therapy concept for partly complex diseases, but also provides a new perspective into the knowledge about patho-psychologic links between certain kinds of diseases. The well-defined interpretation of specified lab parameters according to the latest findings in immunology helps the diagnosis and the healing control.
The MIT will target investigations about the actual immune status (population of lymphocytes, serum profile), fix the direction of the medical treatment and control its progress for many chronic diseases like infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites; neuro-degenerative and hyper-proliferative diseases (tumors); as well as auto-immune diseases like rheumatics, LE (Lupus Erythematodes), CU (Colitis ulcerosa), MC (Morbus Crohn), Psorias, and on allergenic and a-topic diseases (Neuro-dermatitis, a-topic eczema, Bronchial asthma.

Ecologic cosmetics

Ecologic cosmetics are different from the conventional ones because of the use of ecologic raw materials which means that they have not been treated with pesticides, colorants, perfumes, synthetic chemicals that are derived from petroleum and products from dead vertebrates. Ecologic cosmetics have not been tested on animals and the active components are plant extracts, pure essential and vegetable oils. The use of genetically manipulated organisms is forbidden. All finished products are manufactured according to ecological criteria, are submitted to a severe quality control and receive a quality label.

Green Coffee with Ling Zhi.

A healthy and enjoyable way of reshaping your body.

Chlorogenic acid is reported to significantly help to regulate the body metabolism. Conventional coffee usually contains 3-6% of it, whereas Green Coffee does have 39%. Additionally to this the coffee contains the LingZhi mushroom which contains a lot of specific polysaccharides and ganoderic acids. In China and Japan this mushroom is called "immortality" and is traditionally used for the preservation of youthful vitality.

Ecologic Food - Why use it?

Pachamama_010_-_cutThe products that are grown from conventional agriculture suffer modifications in their organic composition due to a multitude of synthetic chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, growth promoters, etc. All those synthetic chemicals are not harmless, even in low amounts, neither their effects on short or long term and neither the combinations of individual chemicals or their metabolites in our body. According to many specialists a majority of degenerative illnesses are due to inappropriate food intake. Ecologic Agriculture can help to minimise those risks and it has been scientifically confirmed that eating ecologic products will increase our health.

Cleansing your body for a better health.

Cleansing your body always is a good initiative, especially during spring. Keeping your digestive system in good condition will improve your wellbeing. Leftovers that accumulate in your digestive tract will favour growth of unwanted types of bacteria that can lead to discomfort and even to diseases like inflammation of liver, constipation, tiredness, overweight, cholesterol, hypertension, headaches, etc... including cancer! The dieting process starts at the colon!

Relaxing Advice

Are you nervous and can't you get to sleep?
Possible causes for insomnia are stress, daily preoccupations, anxiety, depression, going to bed at different times or very late. Exposure to electromagnetic fields, nearby radiations from mobiles, computers, TV and being frequently connected to them.

What is "TAI CHI CHUAN"?

taoBefore going into details about Tai Chi Chuan I would like to highlight that all my knowledge about it is the result of experiences with my master. In 20 years of practice and 10 as a teacher, I still follow classes. I belong to a school of a Chinese master who is a direct descendant of one of the founders of this art

The Benefits of Clay

Clay has been used for many purposes since ancient times and its use has widespread thanks to its medical and aesthetic power. Clay is formed by erosion of rock by wind and water and therefore contains a lot of oligo-elements and mineral salts. The curative properties of clay are: absorbent, relaxing, regeneration, refreshing, decongesting, purifying, antibiotic, protection and cleansing of the organism from excess radiation (radiography and computers, etc.) It is very effective against bacteria, digestive problems, ulcers, gas, etc. There are different colours of clay, depending of its composition: green, white, brown, red...

Aloe Vera Fresca di Fuerteventura.

aloe-veraEverybody talks about Aloe Vera and you literally can buy it on each corner of the street, including in "bazaars" where they are on display between slippers and other "stuff". But there are major differences in Aloe Vera. These depend on the type of Aloe Vera plant, its maintenance during growth and - last but not least - the processing into the final product.
Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera with supreme quality of the end product. But it takes time. It requires at least 4 years of irrigation before the plants starts to produce its valuable components in sufficient amounts.

Prepare your body for the summer.

The summer is without any doubt the most popular season of the year: sun, beach, strolling, holiday... and a lot of outside activities. To get a nice and uniform tan that stays for a long time, it is important to exfoliate and hydrate your skin with high-quality oils prior to exposure to the sun, to drink water sufficiently and to maintain your hair with good natural oils.

Beauty: Eye Lash Extensions - Fuerteventura.

Eyelash Extensions & Thickening.

The extensions are of synthetic fibre and are semi-permanent. Their size and shape are adjusted in such a way that they appear being natural. They are applied one-by-one to achieve a natural and elegant look. Regular maintenance will result in a permanent effect.

Our Siesta


Siesta - good for body and mind.

A lot has been written and said already about the “little siesta” and its benefits and/or downsides. People who are not in favour of siesta claim that the siesta will be at the detriment of the quality of your night’s sleep whereas those in favour say that it will improve your awareness, creativity and productivity… provided that you do it the right way.

The Super Juices, ultra-rich in anti-oxidants.

biotonablancoThe juices are made from fruits that have been discovered recently in South America, Himalaya or in South East of Asia: Goji, Açai, Mangoston, Gurubeni, Noni, etc. They are filled with anti-oxidants and you only need a small daily dose to boost your health potential, due to their high concentration. They represent a juvenile treatment, bring vitality, energy and resistance against diseases.

E-Smoking – satisfaction without danger!?

E-smoking or Electr(on)ic smoking is a new way to quit smoking the traditional way and/or to keep enjoying the satisfaction of smoking, but without the evident dangers. The technology consists of 3 components: a battery, a cartridge and an atomizer. The atomizer uses electricity from the battery and creates super tiny particles of the products that are in the cartridge. The smoker inhales these particles which can have different tastes (tobacco, mint, apple, strawberry, etc) and gets the same feeling as if he/she would smoke a traditional cigarette.
The economics are positive too: you can save about 1.000,- euros per year when you smoke 1 pack of 20 per day. Many countries already allow it as an exception to the general ban on smoking in public areas.

Prevention for the winter

When the winter comes, it is time to strengthen our body to avoid that the cold does not catch us unprepared. At all times it is better to prevent than to cure and there are a lot of natural products to help us:

The Primula Oil. (Onagra)

It is called Primula oil and in spanish “Aceite de Onagra”. It contains a lot of Omega 6. The oil comes from pressed seeds from the Primula plant. The essential fatty acids in the oil stimulate our body to produce prostaglandins, which in turn are essential for the cell membranes of our body. The positive effects on our health are:

strengthening of our artery system, avoiding the formation of thrombosis, regulation of high blood pressure and reduction of cholesterol values.

Alcoholics Anonymus - Fuerteventura.

What: Closed Meetings on Wed 10:15 to 11:45 and Sat 19:00 to 20:30. Where: Centro Cultural Caleta de Fuste (next to football pitch)

Tel.: 656 748 877


Fasting with Maple Syrup

It is a good habit to regularly detox your body. You will get rid of toxins and fatty components that have accumulated due to years of incorrect nutrition and bad habits. Your immune system as well as your physical and mental activity will improve. Maple syrup can help you in this initiative.

Goji berries available on Fuerteventura

Goji berries are dried fruits, similar to raisins, but with an intense red colour. They grow on bushes in the Himalaya valleys, in Tibet. They are famous in the Orient for their nutritive value and they have been used for a long time in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica)

Salvia Hispanica is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. It was cultivated by the Aztec and Maya in pre-Columbian times since 3500 years B.C, was highly valued and even offered to their gods. Chia seed is traditionally consumed in Mexico, the south-western United States, and South America, but is not widely known in Europe. In 2009, the European Union approved Chia seeds as a novel food.

The Acid-Alkaline Balance in your body

Balancing your alkaline-acid level in your body.

The acid-alkaline level in a human body varies according to the tissue. The stomach contains acid, whereas the saliva is alkaline. The acid-alkaline level changes with the intake of food and beverage and its effect on blood and urine acidity due to excess of malnutrition can be measured.


SCIO means Scientific Conscious Interface Operations system. SCIO is a measuring system that connects to the human body and to the unconsciousness via an interface. Most of the body and mind processes run in the sub-consciousness domain. The human body consists of about 200 trillion body cells that have to be in balance. This requires a vast amount of information as well as steering mechanisms. In no way we could manage this amount of tasks in the conscious domain. These kinds of compensation mechanisms, damages, levels of exhaustion, faults etc that cannot be seen yet by clinical examination or that haven’t showed up yet as symptoms, can be made obvious with SCIO, under the condition that the sub-conscious does react.


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