Special Books: “The Journey Home” by Lee Carroll

The-Journey-Home---ScanWhen Michael Thomas, a disillusionised man, becomes a victim of a criminal act and fights to stay alive, he encounters a magnificent energy in the form of an angel to whom he asks to help him to leave his present life and to “go home”.
During his journey “to home” he experiences the most magnificent moments with seven different kinds of energy that allow him to discover the mysteries of life and of his own being… till he reaches the last stage…Home. The story about Michael’s quest is so extraordinary, so full of humour and so touching that it truly is highly recommendable. Info:


The project with the above mentioned name is an initiative from Tito Di Pippo, an Italian artist who has been living in Fuerteventura for about one year. The concept is to exhibit art from local artists in empty shops to promote their work and to embellish the commercial area at the same time. He started this initiative in March 2009 in the CC El Campanario, Corralejo and has already received much interest.

For more information: 696 165 584




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