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Fuerteventura's most detailed source of information for walking, hiking, trekking and mountain biking. GPS-based and waypoint-marked tracks and routes of different difficulty levels.
With maps, time & elevation info, pictures, videos, overnight stay info and Google(R)-based Fly-Over features.
Welcome to the walking, hiking & mountain biking paradise of Fuerteventura.
Discovering unique places by walking or biking around on Fuerteventura will give you one of the best moments of your holiday. Although many people think that Fuerteventura only is a barren island and "a pile of rocks", this island really offers great surprises for those who "step out of the (hotel)box".
The rewards for this extra effort are interesting flora and fauna, intriguing shapes of sand and rock, absolute tranquillity and pitch black skies at night and, last but not least, superb and unforgettable views. Fuerteventura at its best!

Google (R) FlyOver Videos

Many of our Tracks hold Google Earth (R) animated FlyOver Videos.
Click on the "END" Icon in the navigation bar - another sample video will start.
Have fun!

Top 10 Fuerteventura APP

Top 10 Fuerteventura Map & App

All basic info is supplied in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Polish. All locations in TOP 10 FUERTEVENTURA™ are geo-located and are presented “closest to you on top”.

find detailed info on sightseeing spots, beaches, monuments, churches, restaurants, bars, shopping, etc.,
the most interesting sightseeing spots on Fuerteventura,
get real-time info about upcoming events on Fuerteventura,
get info about bargains and discounts all over Fuerteventura
Image / Video Gallery:
enjoy the most authentic sceneries of Fuerteventura,
a selection of Fuerteventura Radio Stations,
: detailed info about Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiting, SUP, Diving, Biking, Hiking, etc. Includes Swell Forecast, Tides, Surf Spots, Surf Chat, etc,
Transport: detailed info on public transport, taxis, car & bike rentals, petrol stations, free parking, etc,
Services: info about Tourist Offices, ATM, Police and other public services,
Excursions: interesting offers about guided tours,
SOS: easily accessible info when you might need it,
Push notifications: stay updated on latest local news,
Fue Chat: share your holiday experiences and your photos with other users

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The Spirit of Fuerteventura Company SCP provides walking, hiking, trekking and mountain biking data for Fuerteventura to their best knowledge. These data are to be meant solely as background information about possibilities for local leisure. At any time, people who might be interested in using these data for their own purpose, should control the validity of these data regarding to - for instance, but not limited to - legal and safety matters, and level of difficulty. Also, any suggestions mentioned on this website - particularly suggestions about what to take with you on a walk that are mentioned in our "General Remarks" - are for information purposes only and should be checked at all times before using them and should be modified and/or adjusted according to personal needs and opinions.

The Spirit of Fuerteventura Company SCP does not claim to provide complete information about any topic that is treated on this website, nor can it accept any responsibility for any damages - direct or indirect - that might occur due to lack of data or by using the data that are mentioned on this website

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