Diving in the South of Fuerteventura

co.jrgen_bender_www.weltunterwasser.de0066The most interesting dive spots in the South of Fuerteventura are close to the Jandia lighthouse. The famous "Moray Eel Riff" is about 150m out of the coast and can be visited from the shore or from a boat, the latter being somewhat more comfortable. The plateau is at 14m depth and slides down to a 30m. This location is home to Black Breams, Mackerels, Barracudas, Sting Rays and occasionally to Angel Sharks and Turtles... and of course to the Moray Eel.
A bit more to the South and close to shore is the "Small Moray Eel Riff" which starts at about 6m depth and has the same fish population as its big brother. The appearance of this riff is constantly changing due to the current, caused by the tides.
A third interesting dive location is the outside of the commercial harbour. One could call this location "the breeding chamber of the riff". Abundant supply of food has made this spot one of the most popular dive places. Besides the high fish population you can watch young fish and some permanent residents like Rays and Turtles.
The Ocean World Team.