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IntropicDas Modegeschäft “Las Gatas” und die Fusion Food/Bar “Boardriders” in Corralejo, Fuerteventura haben für einen Überraschungsabend gesorgt. Das Modedefilee wurde gefolgt durch einen Mr. und Mrs. HURLEY Contest und danach gab’s eine Bombenparty. Schauen Sie sich mal die Fotos an…{slide=Videos of the event - click to open/close} {oziogallery 100404} {youtubejw width="470" height="350"}GsaJymNhg0k{/youtubejw} {youtubejw width="470" height="350"}aOm__nIuljU{/youtubejw} {/slide}

The Fashion Shop "Las Gatas" and the Fusion Food & Bar "Boardriders" in Corralejo, Fuerteventura joined forces to create a smashing evening at their premises. The fashion show was followed by a Mr. & Mrs. HURLEY contest which added a lot to the atmosphere. The night was closed with a very sensual dancing party. Look for yourself...
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